09-27-12 01:39 PM
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    Wow! Thank you for all the Crackberry Love!! If I tell you how much research I did before purchasing the Playbook you would all think I was nuts! Being able to score one for $157 with 32GB was just the icing on the cake! I read so many negative things about it yet I knew instinctively this is an OS I could fall in love with. It is different than Android and I do not use that many apps on my phone, there are just too many and most are crap. I do not use Skype nor does anyone I know, I just ordered my first book from Kobo which is great and I use Slacker and You Tube to watch music videos and listen to music. I downloaded the pinball game and Tetris from the app store and my kids are already trying to pull the Playbook out of my hands! My son is jumping up and down with glee, he is so excited I bought this! He never got this excited over playing any games on my Android phone. He is already bugging me to buy him the NFL Madden game.

    As for BB10, I will just wait and see, I do not want to switch phones until my upgrade which is not til March of 2013 but again I will look at possibly switching over with an open mind! You have all been great and very welcoming! Thank you!
    It is really nice to see a person actually use and feel the PB based on their needs, instead of messing with it, comparing to other tablets then bashing it non-stop

    There are very nice interactive app selections for children if your kid is interested in it
    09-27-12 12:15 AM
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    And you are a party pooper and in the wrong forum.
    Just buzzing flies, ignore or use the swatter. Believe me dude, not worth your time.
    OP, thank you for the post and like mentioned previously, there's always bashers around here that like to hijack threads and spit on your fun. Just ignore them and block them if they get out of hand. Welcome to the club
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    09-27-12 12:28 AM
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    Congrats OP.

    I've had my PB since a month after release and keep finding reasons why I love it.

    Just arrived at a hotel in Vancouver, decided against bringing my netbook and glad I did, as with $15.99 per night internet, it would have been just something else to carry. Got my bridge fired up, no extra internet charges for me this week.
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    09-27-12 02:00 AM
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    I strongly recommend you to buy the HDMI cable. You will love your Playbook even more after you buy the HDMI cable so you can connect the playbook to your TV. Whenever you own BB, The BB Bridge feature is useful and awesome! Now, my Playbook is almost always connected to the TV and I use my Torch 9800 as a remote control.
    09-27-12 02:56 AM
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    or instead of using a BB phone as a remote, as I noticed you said you had an android phone - just grab a cheap BT mouse off the web. They work fab when hooked up to a tv. Plus for tethering data connection on the go just look for FoxFi, BlueDUN and PDANet in the Play Store and you're away with this combo. Ok it's no BB bridge, but its still a pretty effective solution for those who neither have, nor can afford to get hold of a BB phone.

    Personally, through all my active learning over the last month of owning a PB I have found out so much - and it keeps enhancing the PB experience in comparison with other tabs i've had. Use of BT keyboard & mouse with HDMI output - ace...data tether (and hiding) with Android connection - fab...wifi file transferring - fantastic...rapid charger - great ...wifi android app sideloading through Chrome browser extension - amazing (particularly for us Mac users!).

    Trust me i'm finding many more things out each day - both from playing, and from here on the CB forums!
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    09-27-12 03:21 AM
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    Hi all, never posted on here or any other forum so I hope it gets to you. I have used BB phones for around 5 years now and have always been happy with them but due to the problems with RIM over the last year I was considering going over to Android at my next upgrade in a few months. 2 weeks ago I bought a 64gb Playbook as my local store was selling them for 129 ($150 approx) and a friend who got one was really happy with it. I am absolutely delighted with it in every way. Just perfect for me. I am now firmly back in the BB camp and will now wait for BB10 to come out before I upgrade. I do have a couple of issues to discuss but that's for another post. One very happy RIM customer here.
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    09-27-12 05:23 AM
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    Welcome to our gang of misfits

    Gotta love THESE threads................Sniff,sniff

    Hang around some, great place!
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    09-27-12 12:20 PM
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    Very nice indeed to see someone actually do their research and buy the right tablet for their needs, rather then getting it or not getting it because of the brand and then bashing it for the things it doesn't do, regardless of the fact that you knew (or should have known) it didn't do those things when you bought it.

    Congratulations on your purchase. I've have my first one since launch day.. and I loved it. Fortunately (unfortunately?) my wife loved it too, and stole it so I had to buy a new one.. I've been happy with both since day one, but I do get a little giddy with every update and am looking forward to BB10 like a fat kid looks forward to birthday cake.
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    09-27-12 01:39 PM
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