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    I'm off from work this week, so I decided to watch some videos when the playbook was first announced and first came out. I can't help but get really mad at mike lazaridis' keynote speech when he introduced the playbook. Could he have been anymore bored? Could he have shown a little enthusiasm? He sounded like he memorized a script and was nervous delivering it. For me, this is what I'd called a turning point. He looks defeated. Almost like he didn't care and his mommy had to wake him up to go to school. There was an episode of the cosby show where Vanessa finally introduced her fiance to her family. Cliff and Claire gave him the cold shoulder. When cliff and Dabnus sat down, Cliff asked him what his favorite food was. He said steak and potatoes. As a metaphor, Cliff then explains to him that Dabnus is that food, but he was presented to them on a garbage can lid, because vanessa was very secretive about him, so to them, he wasn't appetizing. Cliff explains that they don't dislike him, it was just the way he was presented to them that turned them off. I never followed blackberry until I bought a playbook during the run for your lives fire sale even though I've used their phones since the beginning up until I recently switched off. In my opinion, if I had seen that keynote back in 2010, I never would have bought this thing even though it's now a staple in my everyday life because of it's size. How can anyone get excited if the suits aren't excited? I'm in no way saying Steve Jobs or the google guys are anymore exciting, but dang man, Mike looked like he wanted no part of it. In the end hindsight is 20/20 but it was just interesting to me. Thanks for reading.
    07-02-12 12:13 PM