1. William Sebastian's Avatar
    So I got my new 64 GB PlayBook in mid-2012, and then I switched to an iPad in the end of 2013.
    After I got an iPad, I rarely use my PlayBook and around mid-2014, I never charge it until now (around a year).
    Two days ago, I decided to charge my PlayBook back and bring it alive.
    When I plug the charger for the first time, it shows red LED for around 20 seconds, then blinking yellow LED for 5 times.
    I thought that was normal (well, this is stupid) and I leave it charged for at least 10 hours.

    The next day, I tried to power it on, but no respond (1 red and 5 yellow LED), so I unplug the charger and plug it back.
    And it still the same, my PlayBook won't turn on and I decided to search on Google how to fix this problem.
    I tried stack charging and jumpstart methods by myself, but probably I'm wrong doing it.
    Well, maybe someone can help my poor PlayBook?

    - WilBas
    06-20-15 08:42 PM
  2. nullshark's Avatar
    I used to manage a retail computer department that sold Playbooks. I've experienced the red-yellow pattern on quite a few different units... What always fixed it was stacked charging

    When the battery is so flat, it only seems to accept charge while the light is RED. As soon as the red fades away, unplug (at the wall end, not the micro-usb end - this protects the USB port) and replug over and over again.

    I've read that this only works with the original Playbook charger, not anything weaker.
    06-20-15 10:08 PM
  3. William Sebastian's Avatar
    I use an iPad head-charger and an USB port cable, my PlayBook charger is broken a few years ago.

    Will it work?
    06-20-15 11:37 PM
  4. BoneMatrix's Avatar
    Firstly, you need to be using the a PB Charger and not just any 'ol usb charger. The PB charger has a much higher output, 1.8A vs other USB chargers which are typically 500mA to 1A. Once you've got your PB charger hooked up, and with your PB turn Off, repeat the Stack charging exercise. Turning the PB charger on/off at the mains is way better than plugging/unplugging from the PB USB port. Turn on the PB Charger for about 30 secs, then Off for about 10 secs, then back on for 30 sec etc, repeat add infinitum, well until the Red LED appears as Green... once it's Green, just leave it charging for an hour or so before attempting to turn ON your PB.

    Don't even bother trying to Stack charge using any other USB power source as it simply won't supply enough juice for this method.

    William Sebastian likes this.
    06-21-15 02:58 AM
  5. William Sebastian's Avatar
    Well my PB original charger (yellow charger) is broken.
    Looks like I need to find a new one.
    06-23-15 11:08 PM

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