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    I posted on here a few weeks ago asking for honest opinions on whether I should buy a PlayBook or an iPad and so many of you said you prefer your PlayBook over your iPad. I took your advice and I can honestly say choosing this tablet has been one the best decisions I've made in a while. The value for money is amazing, the new OS is awesome and BlackBerry Bridge with my 9900 makes it even better. So in a nutshell, I am very pleased with my shiny new PlayBook!

    Also I was expecting a big lack of games for the tablet but I've downloaded so many addictive games already, many of which were Android. The only thing I will say is why isnt there an official Twitter app? I was really looking forward to relaxing with my PlayBook and browsing Twitter. And is it just me or does the PlayBook takes hours to fully charge? Any battery savng tips for a PlayBook newbie?
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    02-26-12 02:50 PM
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    Go playbook!!!!!!!
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    02-26-12 02:53 PM
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    See we told you so! Congrats on your PlayBook. Enjoy.
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    02-26-12 02:55 PM
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    Welcome to the community......
    02-26-12 02:58 PM
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    If you can still find the rapid charger for cheap, it is a reasonably fast way to charge the pb and reduces stress on the usb port.
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    02-26-12 03:12 PM
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    You will def like it. Especially with OS2 loaded
    02-26-12 03:12 PM
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    I purchased my PlayBook in November right after I upgraded from the Bold 9700 to the 9900...I liked it a lot after I got it. Especially once I got the Bridge app from rroyy to get around the block from AT&T. This week after the update came out on Tuesday to OS2 I love my PlayBook!!!!
    02-26-12 03:16 PM
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    Get your HDMI cable and the rapid charger and you will be good to go.
    Yes the USB is slow, it is basically a blackberry charger.
    I urge you to play with the bridge some more, it always leaves me giggling it is just so understatedly good.
    02-26-12 03:22 PM
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    Welcome to the playbook clan
    02-26-12 03:31 PM
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    No official Twitter app, who knows why ... Have you tried Blaq?

    | http://crackberry.com/tags/blaq-playbook

    | Blaq Home Page
    02-26-12 03:45 PM
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    Congratulations on your new playbook. Almost 3 weeks that I have had mine and I love it.
    02-26-12 03:58 PM
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    I prefer black bird for twitter
    02-26-12 04:06 PM
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    You can save the battery by reducing the brightness of the screen. I have found 50% or less still produces an easy to read well-illuminated screen. If you do not need WiFi and.or Bluetooth active, you can switch to Airplane Mode to temporarily disable WiFi and Bluetooth.
    02-26-12 04:26 PM
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    Buy Blaq for Twitter, lower the screen brightness, and use the charger that came with the Playbook, not a BB phone one or USB, that doesn't work. I easily get a day out of my PB, but not two unless I'm not using it much.
    02-26-12 04:35 PM
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    I use the official twitter app for Android, apparently it'll actually give you notifications in the background...Yet I thought Android apps had their NDK cripped (okay maybe not cripped perse but you get the idea) yet I got a mention while it was closed. Strange I'll look into it more but yeah definitely the PlayBook needs a native twitter client. What's nice about the android version is if other android apps can "share" information such as a news app that you can share with friends over twitter, it'll connect to the android version and away you go, seamless integration. Although a lot of it has to do with personal preference. For PlayBook native written apps, either blaq or blackbird
    02-26-12 05:27 PM
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    Why on earth is the story so bad regarding blackberry. I just noticed a new twitter handle that's looking for BB user stories, pics etc showing the love. check it out #bblove.

    02-29-12 08:30 AM
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    And is it just me or does the PlayBook takes hours to fully charge? Any battery savng tips for a PlayBook newbie?
    It should take about 3.5h to charge from empty, on the included charger, when in standby.

    The rapid chargers will reduce that slightly, to about 3.2h. Their big benefit is that they don't take any longer than that even when you're using the PlayBook heavily (screen on and playing a game, for example), whereas the regular charger can't keep up with that and will take much longer to charge when the tablet is on.

    If you try charging from the USB port on your PC, all bets are off. Even in standby, it takes over 12h to fully charge that way, so this is a last resort approach. If the screen is on when you do this, it won't charge at all, though it does slow down the rate of discharge so it's still helpful in a pinch.
    02-29-12 08:57 AM