11-23-12 12:48 AM
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  1. TomJasper's Avatar
    I have not purchased many apps (about 25) but have yet to download one I regretted. Ok maybe one but I was lazy that day and did not do a FULL search/review of the app. It is rare that I buy an app before doing a simple google on the app,checking blogs and of course checking Crackberry.com for others opinions.

    I love the less than full free versions as they are an excellent way to decide on purchasing a full version, a real time saver as I don't have to search others opinions.

    I think using the term "scam" is too harsh and hardly fair to the many good Dev's out there,some do amazing things and work hard at it, no need to paint them all with the same brush.
    11-21-12 09:26 AM
  2. Fuzzballz's Avatar
    I agree with OP. Often I'll see a ton of 5-star reviews for apps which are awful or don't run at all. Most of those reviews have maybe a one-word review along with the 5-stars, like "Great" or "good." I'll see a whole slew of dozens of reviews with one word and 5-stars, for an app that's worthless. Very suspicious.
    11-23-12 12:48 AM
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