1. JDJMC's Avatar
    So bb10 came and its starting to make people want it, me as a playbook user i was waiting bb10 to come to our tablets, with the only reason of seeing if buying a z10 would be good, to compare if having both devices would be almost the same, now after we didn't got bb10, yet, and both my blackberries were stolen ( a 9900 and a 9300) im forced to buy the new z10 not knowing if i will have the same two devices but one with a bigger screen. What should I do fellow crackheads? Does any one feels left aside too
    02-03-13 11:46 AM
  2. Angus_CB's Avatar
    You are not forced to buy a Z10. The older models are still available.

    Everybody wants Blackberry to move ahead and stick to a schedule. When they do that people complain.
    The alternative would have been to hold the BB10 phones until BB10 was ready for the Playbook.

    I agree, Blackberry should have had BB10 ready for the Playbook for the January launch. Obviously they didn't think it was important so do what you have to do.
    I will buy a Z10 in Q2 because that is when my hardware update is due and my employer uses Blackberry exclusively. I will get the Z10 because;
    - The Work / Personal Balance feature looks great.
    - I don't want to be saddled with an outdated OS (7.x) for two years.
    02-03-13 12:10 PM
  3. pchapple13's Avatar
    We all want BB10 on our PB's, but let's not forget, no one ever said it would be ready for launch, or even hinted that it would be. These forums are all speculation and opinion, not fact. It will be ready when it's ready, and no amount of whining about it will make it happen any sooner. Let's move on people!
    02-03-13 04:25 PM

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