1. e.23davilaa's Avatar
    I already installed several android apps on my playbook (because I liked to use whatsappp in it), and they seems to be executed by sth like the Android SO. However, some native apps of blackberry for my device run with Android SO too, and I DON'T WANT!...

    Such as: im+, jimi guitar, etc... The first one is crashed due to android?

    How can I solve it without uninstall android apps? Sth in developer mode?

    09-29-12 10:57 AM
  2. AceRoom's Avatar
    There are some android apps in the blackberry app store and they will be executed as such. Developers are allowed to submit such apps so there is no way to stop this. If you want better Android app performance, you can upgrade to the 2.1 beta but right now, there is no way to get back to 2.0 once you do that. Other than that, you can only try finding similar native apps on the app store.
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    09-29-12 11:09 AM
  3. Zildjian71's Avatar
    Like AceRoom says those are Android apps. It is impossible for the Android run time to execute a native app. PB OS 2.1 is better at Android and the devs are getting better specifications (such as requirements to convert a ph app to tablet) and tools. Hopefully, someday, we wont tell the difference from a stability and performance perspective.

    Personally I'm not an Android fan but I do wish for it to improve on the PlayBook.
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    09-29-12 03:32 PM
  4. Michel Souris's Avatar
    Since 2.1, Android apps (which are compatible) run seamlessly on the PB, and can't be distinguished from native apps.
    09-29-12 10:27 PM