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    I was looking at my list of saved wifi networks, because a pesky nearby hotspot (with the name "painintheneck," I kid you not) was interfering with my automatic connection to my own home network (with the name "barskin," I kid you not). I deleted the pain, but I noticed,
    for the first time, that the networks I had only used for my Torch 9810 were included in my saved network list on my PlayBook. This is especially nice, because I see the wifi at my mother's summer house on Cape Cod is there on the list. Huzzah! I can't tell you how difficult is was for me to get the password for that wifi (wait, it's our phone number...well, I think it's our number...where is that paper?). Now, is it on there because of the Bridge or my BlackBerry ID?
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    12-25-11 01:54 PM
  2. ungibbed's Avatar
    Bridge did the trick for me adding my wireless access points that I've used with my Bold, via Bridge Mode, it imported all the wireless network access points saved on my phone (including the password) which was rather helpful.

    The only ones not carried over were carrier profiles such as T-Mobile hotspots etc., but otherwise it was a great surprise.
    12-25-11 02:04 PM
  3. bluezone1's Avatar
    i dont have a BB phone but very coool.
    12-25-11 02:06 PM
  4. Bob31464's Avatar
    That happened with me at work, I was getting ready to set my PB up and it was already on the wireless network, I then noticed all of the other networks were there too. I was wondering how that happened, I kind of figured Bridge must've had something to do with it, but wasn't sure. Anyway it was a nice surprise.
    12-25-11 02:15 PM
  5. narci's Avatar
    Once you bridge your bb to the pb, the saved wifi networks gets saved on the pb. This was always the case for quite awhile now.
    12-25-11 02:17 PM
  6. jamesbondOO7's Avatar
    I know!!
    The first time I took my PB to the office, it connected automatically to the wifi network. Very neat.
    12-25-11 02:17 PM
  7. chris_ferryman_boal's Avatar
    just a quick note my in laws have a router with a button u have to push after u have entered the wep key i had to do this with my pb but all the key was pre entered
    12-25-11 02:59 PM
  8. cl8baller's Avatar
    Yeah thats normal.
    Although I have had problems with this especially when my phone is Bridged and I enter a saved network wifi area.
    My phone would catch wifi and tether it to my PlayBook and my PlayBook would never catch the wifi and have a "Cannot Acquire IP address" message.
    To fix this I sh t off the Bridge for a few seconds, connect wifi on my PlayBook and turn Bridge back on.
    This is just for future references.
    12-25-11 03:13 PM