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    In my travels across the web, I came across a small (and bad quality) thumbnail .jpeg image that said I Heart BlackBerry and decided to redo it to say I Heart the BlackBerry PlayBook in a vector format so the community could do whatever they wish with it. I didn't create the original design, but I did digitize this myself and customize it to include the PlayBook text and other text. It uses the genuine BlackBerry logo that I found on Brands of the World.com

    I have encapsulated several formats inside a .zip file which is 0.93 MB and uploaded it to Hotfile.com https://hotfile.com/dl/177246514/fe6...yBook.zip.html to share.

    The formats included are: CorelDRAW 12 .CDR, Adobe Illustrator CS .AI, PDF and PSD sized to 8.5x11". I chose older versions of software to give more flexibility.

    This is what it looks like:
    Attachment 123666

    Anyhow, if you use it, a thank you on the forum would suffice. Enjoy!

    (Update: I think it would be kind of fun to see what the community could come up with for cool designs to share with everyone else. If you do download this as a starting point for your masterpiece, please add your designs to this thread and post a working link on a filesharing network of your choice. Thanks!)
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    Hmmm will have to see if can utilize via my Roland Vinyl (SV-8) cutter/ CutStudio software !

    I believe the *.AI file would be the compatible one !?

    Just a hobbyist regards the cutter so it will be 'fun' trying the two colour format
    Will definitely let ya know if it turned out (sometime in future) ... gad another project LOL
    10-23-12 06:49 PM
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    Yes, more than likely the .AI file will work. However, older plotters generally require even older versions of the .AI file (I have seen some that can only use version 3). This is why I included the PDF file as it's pretty generic to import into a design suite. I cut directly from CorelDRAW these days using a glorified macro called Sign Tools so really it comes down to what software suite you have installed. If you use CorelDRAW and want a very inexpensive and very powerful macro, you should use eCut ($49.99 and you can get it from Macromonster.com ( MacroMonster.Com :: Product - eCut for CorelDRAW - 1 installation ).

    If you run into a snag, PM me with your email address and I will send you a customized version. The good thing about this layout is that you can cut it all out in black vinyl first, weed out the black heart as waste and mask it and then add the red heart later by measuring things out with a tape measure if you need - eyeballing it is fine since this is so simple. Before you squeegee, just tape things up with masking tape to rough it in and then peel off half the backing (start from the floor and work your way up to the ceiling type thing) and eventually you'll have a masterpiece.

    I think I might make a shaped contour version too (white background shaped border outline) so if someone has a digital printer/plotter combo that they could cut out shaped stickers...I'll add that link to my post too when I get time.
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    I also designed this one:

    Attachment 124477

    I have now uploaded this vector file (1.5 MB .zip) to Hotfile. https://hotfile.com/dl/178413336/234...ookV2.zip.html

    It has the same file formats as my original post and I included an 8.5x11" .jpeg @ 300dpi. If anyone makes a sticker out of it (or t-shirt), send me one! Thanks.
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    Nice work (and filler characters)
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    11-02-12 02:49 PM

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