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    Ok, well to start off, i am a gadget a geek (though I guess I lean towards apple since the stuff they make just works for me). I have an iPhone, macbook air, my wife has an iPhone, and my son has a hand-me-down iPhone 3gs (he's 5 and knew how to play around with my iPhone 3g when he was 2), and we have a family iPad for now (once i get the iPad 3, its going to my wife).

    Anyway, lately my wife has been trying to get more time with the iPad, i can't really give it to her full time because I need it for work, there are a couple of apps on it that I need. So after I got a 9860 a couple weeks ago I was impressed with it, on my work line in the past year I have had a palm pre plus, torch 9800, atrix 4g, htc inspire 4g, htc surround, samsung focus, samsung nexus s, dell venue pro, and palm pre 3. (my iPhone is on my personal line and hasn't changed since 2008, and i don't want to carry two iPhones) Anyway, of all those devices I liked the torch 9860 the best, (I hated android, windows phones works well but is not for me, and webos was awesome, but killed by hp). its come a long way since the 9800 I used.

    So with the good experience of the torch on my mind and the fact that QNX resembles webos so much, I decided to check out the playbook while at best buy earlier this week. The price was $499, but the demo unit had no battery. So while I waited for the rep, I over heard the person in front of me talking to them about the $199 sale. After a while he spoke to his manager and said that was an online only deal, but that they would match it this one time, and since I heard the whole thing they offered it to me too. Kind of on impulse I jumped on it, I have my iPad money saved up already and figured worst case I would sell it to my brother at the $199 price (he's been looking for tablet with flash capabilities).

    So I took that bad boy home and I really enjoy the os, it has all the good things from webos, but none of the bad. And after seeing 2.0 it really has me excited about bb10 phones coming out later this year. Well, anyway, the apps I need aren't available so the playbook was to become sort of more a fun toy for me to play with until the iPad 3, the os is really awesome.

    Well the other day my wife came home a saw it, and wanted to check it out. To my surprise, she LOVED it. My wife is an iPhone nut, of all the devices I've brought home to mess around with, her reaction was always "it seems nice, but its not an iPhone". But with the playbook, she's in love with it, and when I told her I used some of my iPad money to get it and that I was planning on selling it to my brother to recoup it, she immidately said no way, that she would give the money! Well, of course she doesn't need to that, I can make up that money in the next month or so when its released, but I got her a book case and she has been taken it her everywhere and hasn't asked for the iPad yet (it's been about 2 days). She was really impressed by the os (which is weird because she didn't like webos at all) and hasn't put it down since. She loves the size much more than the iPad and is only disappointed with stuff like e-mail and contacts, no biggie since the update will be coming soon enough. And she was also impressed by the fact that its a BlackBerry, I guess the brand still has some cache left with normal people. It also has her contemplating getting a blackberry next year when her upgrade is due instead of another iPhone, another shock.

    And to top it off, my son who has been using iOS since he was 2, today was fighting with her to use the playbook! He wanted to play need for speed, but my wife didn't want to give it up, so she handed him the iPad and told him to just play need for speed on it, to which he replied no, that he wanted the playbook!!

    I can't believe how quickly both converted to the playbook, especially since they both loved their apple devices. Just though I'd share this with you guys, I really like the direction RIM is going with their next platform. Sorry if this long tale bored you, it ended up being longer than i thought, but thanks to those who stuck through the story, I really believe things at RIM will be fine as long as they keep executing on their new platform, I know that my business line will now be a blackberry for the foreseeable future too!
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    Good story. With playbook in hand go out and conquer the Apple'd masses.
    02-02-12 07:03 PM
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    Loved your tale. Thanks for sharing!
    Hope all of you enjoy your new devices!
    02-02-12 07:08 PM
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    Honestly, the more people actually see what the PlayBook can do, the more impressed they are with it. Especially at current prices.

    OS 2.0 is going to make this puppy a lot of friends!
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    02-02-12 07:09 PM
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    One apple user again been converted ... if Blackberry can only hear this ... We need an upgrade so we can use android apps then it will surely make me and my ipad separate from each other
    02-02-12 07:10 PM
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    Excellent story, I'm one of those few that believe 2, 3, or 4 different brands can co-exist in the same house .....ENJOY the PlayBook
    02-02-12 07:12 PM
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    Not something you expect to read on here from a majority iPhone user. Pretty cool and thanks for sharing.

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    02-02-12 07:13 PM
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    02-02-12 07:14 PM
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    most ppl that i have shown the pb to are very surprised and impressed by it. cool story man. thanks for sharing.
    02-02-12 07:20 PM
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    we have all been saying this.

    QNX, if done properly, will be the future of tablet... enough with the negative press already and get with the TRUTH!
    02-02-12 07:20 PM
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    I'm excited to hear all the positive comments regarding the PlayBook. Thanks for your story! You should go get another one while they are still on sale!
    02-02-12 07:28 PM
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    Thanks Thorsens for sharing your story.
    02-02-12 07:49 PM
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    Your 5-year-old son has an iPhone?
    02-02-12 08:03 PM
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    Gotta admit, after all of the negativity, I'm am liking these stories of folks that are just discovering what the PlayBook and BlackBerry overall can do. I'm seeing more iPad fans making this transition, and while it doesn't 'destroy' any sales of that, it is steadily becoming a much more capable Tab.

    Thanks for the story, it was worth the read. Welcome to CrackBerry!
    02-02-12 09:04 PM
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    Great story and thanks for sharing!
    Welcome to the forums.
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    02-02-12 09:14 PM
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    I really thought your story would end differently. Glad it turned out pro BlackBerry!
    02-02-12 09:22 PM
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    great story. I can relate to it cause i converted close to 7 apple fans to go for PB and i am happy about it.
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    02-02-12 09:32 PM
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    Great story, thanks for sharing. I have had mine since May (paid full price) and my wife hogged it so much, I had to buy one for her ($200 off). The deals going on these days are unbelieveable. No regrets paying full price.
    02-02-12 09:32 PM
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    You mean WebOS looked like QNX, and I understand why she likes it better. It's far smoother. You should Bridge your phone to it to give her a feeling of it's full capabilities. Very nice post. Enjoy it, it is a lot of fun. I don't blame your son either. The game is amazing. If you put Angry Birds on it you might not find it again if he has a good hiding spot.
    02-02-12 09:34 PM
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    I can't believe how quickly both converted to the playbook, especially since they both loved their apple devices.
    You know, I can totally believe it
    02-02-12 10:23 PM
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    LOL I believe it.

    My mom is the most non-techsavvy person I know. I gave her my old 16gb PlayBook and now she can't put it down. She prefers it over the iPad2.

    And those who say BlackBerry isn't user-friendly... lies.
    02-02-12 11:37 PM
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    If only rim will market it really strong any get people to look @ it we all know they will convert.
    02-02-12 11:50 PM
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    A trend i noticed with my buddies is that everytime someone gets a hands on experience with the playbook.. they are super impressed with its capabilities and the general functioning of things.. obviously everyone does not get into the technical aspect of the device but they love the new and refreshing or polished outlook of the playbook..

    i think its a lot with the size of the the pb vs. the ipad.. makes it feel a lot more personal and comfy to use.. also ive typed this in portrait which i do for most of my typing ln the pb.. makes it feel just like a big bb in hand.. and thats amazing.. excusebthe grammar.. in a hurry.. on the move.. 3g briged.. just amazing.. i still cant get over how functional practical sensible etc. bridge is.. i guess i should start claiming this pb to be a 3g model!!

    occasionally ppl do ask my why dint you get the ipad? and i just have no answers to stupid questions!
    02-03-12 01:50 AM
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    Thanks so much for taking the time to share this. Nice to come in here and read an uplifting post like yours.
    02-03-12 08:36 AM
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    Reading such real-life stories makes my day ... every time.
    My wife - better noob than nerd - learned and liked to swipe in a minute ... says it all.

    Thanks for your time & share !
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    02-03-12 12:30 PM
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