08-05-13 07:59 PM
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  1. BradleyKelly's Avatar
    Still using daily for a lot of my web surfing. Games are a little past time things like the dark night rises and spider man keep me entertained for a short while and angry birds collection. Video playback is nice and hdmi connection to tv is ideal for streaming videos.

    Overall I love my playbook although I went a while where I thought of replacing it and making that step towards the nexus 10 I refrained and managed to find more and more use for my little playbook.

    Everyone has said the lack of blackberry 10 would kill it yes it did but there is still plenty use for us playbook owners.
    08-05-13 11:22 AM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    Origami Browser has made the experience much better. Not using it nearly as much since getting my Z10, but still gets used daily.
    I see no real improvement with that browser, sure it doesn't checkerboard, it white screens, it also goes POOF I'm gone when it feels like it. I think it's a placebo effect. Turn everything off on the native browser and you the same or better performance. The good things like ad block etc do make it better but not tremendously.
    08-05-13 11:27 AM
  3. cl8baller's Avatar
    For those that upgraded to the new BlackBerry 10 devices, such as myself, its safe to say that a good amount of Playbooks are collecting dusts simply because BlackBerry 10 is just that awesome. I can really describe it in any other way. If I was still using my BlackBerry Bold 9000 as my daily driver my BlackBerry Playbook would not be collecting dust. The Playbook worked as a way to fill in the displeasure of using a BlackBerry OS legacy device and it did a great job. In my case, now having a device like the Z10, I have for the most part, all I need in one device.

    Right now my Playbook is sitting on my desk, on my charger stand, blinking, always blinking, waiting for the day I walk up to it to end the blinking, to start blinking again within a half hour or less to let me know I have another e-mail from my Gmail account.
    David in Durham likes this.
    08-05-13 11:29 AM
  4. RJB55's Avatar
    2 PlayBook 64 GBs in the house and both are used daily.
    08-05-13 11:40 AM
  5. Kriilin Namek's Avatar
    Yup, as a matter of fact, I'm posting this on my PB right now. I use it for checking e-mail, surfing, a bit of casual card gaming, and is great for movies while flying.
    08-05-13 11:43 AM
  6. GooberNS's Avatar
    I have 2 playbooks and I use them everyday, one is for entertaining the toddler the other is for me to play PS1 and N64 games.

    Both get used for Web browsers routinely.

    Posted via CB10
    08-05-13 11:46 AM
  7. floridarandy's Avatar
    Ditto on daily use and double dittos on Origami Browser....like a new machine on the net.

    Origami Browser has made the experience much better. Not using it nearly as much since getting my Z10, but still gets used daily.
    08-05-13 11:50 AM
  8. mkmilan's Avatar
    Still use it w my 9900, but tired of it starting to act more and more like XP1 ON A 5. Year old pc: constantly have to clen out browser and everything else laggy. Would reinstall OS but no browser stuff gets backed up
    08-05-13 11:53 AM
  9. zeratul65535's Avatar
    Can't say that I use mine everyday, especially now that I have the Z10, but I use a number of times every week. Especially for movies and web browsing.
    08-05-13 12:18 PM
  10. Old Ag's Avatar
    I've got two. One is mine and one is my wife's. Both 64GB. Her's streams XMSirius through the browser. The speakers are still hard to beat in a tablet of any size (it has 4 of them). Mine is provisioned through a BES with Balance, so it serves as a backup for my Z10 for work and personal emails, in addition to work and personal web access. In addition, it works well for web surfing, especially with Origami Browser and its great ad blocking.

    The Playbook is also my remote access to my computers through Splashtop and the BB Bluetooth keyboard. On flights, the PB is my media player.

    I also use it as an e-reader, with Zinio, and I use it to monitor my CCTV cameras when I am traveling.

    So all, in all, its still quite useful to me.

    Old Ag
    08-05-13 12:21 PM
  11. cscott44's Avatar
    Mine is used every day to check email, browse Web,etc. So sad that no updates or apps are forth coming as this is a great piece of hardware. What are they thinking to abandon this!!!!
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    08-05-13 12:32 PM
  12. green_ember's Avatar
    I use my every day. Love to use it in bed as a reader (books, web, rss, etc...) or to sit on my porch, drink a beer and play Monopoly (or Muffin Knight, Frisbee Forever, etc...). Occasionally, I'll hook it up to my flat screen to use it for HBO Go or YouTube. Absolutely love traveling with it on an airplane with some movies loaded on it. Great for storing my exercise DVDs so I don't have to haul them on vacation with me. All around, I'm pretty satisfied with my Playbook. I am sad to know that the terrible music library interface will never get better....
    08-05-13 12:35 PM
  13. John Welch's Avatar
    Yup use it everyday,great little tablet.Using the bridge feature on it,typing on a Blackberry Curve 9350.
    08-05-13 12:47 PM
  14. rolojr1's Avatar
    Absolutely! Just went on vacation and worked like a charm. Use my Z10 as hotspot and away I go. People love the screen and I can get on any website. Sad the browser could use updating along with the keyboard. Maybe the guys that created the Evolution Browser can step in and bring us something new and fresh to brighten things up a bit. Just a thought.
    08-05-13 12:58 PM
  15. Jiggy1971's Avatar
    yes I still use mine for the same purposes I always have, browsing when away from the computer, and streaming video, playing Pandora on Apollo. It is still a very useful piece of hardware.
    08-05-13 01:08 PM
  16. KittyBomb's Avatar
    I use mine 4 or 5 times a week.
    I am using it now to reply.
    I love my BlackBerry PlayBook and wish I had some in reserve for when this one passes away.
    My Mom uses hers several times a week as well.
    She does not have any alternative to get online so she hits her Facebook and gets her email.
    Checks out different websites.
    We both really like the camera on the Playbook.
    My Mom loves to read books on her PlayBook too.
    08-05-13 01:16 PM
  17. 8820man's Avatar
    Like many others, everyday for tons of uses!!!
    08-05-13 01:20 PM
  18. DaveTheA's Avatar
    I take mine with me to work every day...it's still great for checking email and news sites and etc. I'm still using my 9900 to Bridge...I'm not interested in BB10 unless the Bridge situation improves.
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    08-05-13 02:37 PM
  19. moyjoy's Avatar
    mine has become a very expensive Lexitron game since I got my Z10.

    Oh, I do use it though to stream TV when I'm sick in bed and don't want to wear my glasses.

    (I have a Z10)
    08-05-13 02:39 PM
  20. kojita's Avatar
    For me it is mainly music through Deezer app and video and Web browsing. Casual gaming very little.

    Posted via CB10
    08-05-13 02:42 PM
  21. wyleybuster's Avatar
    Yep, using it now. Use it daily, browsing, Facebook, reading and email, and would use it more if it still connected to the Q10 as it did my 9900.
    Also use an alarm app and take it with me instead of a laptop when we travel. Love the camera and video, too.
    08-05-13 02:52 PM
  22. lorax1284's Avatar
    Question for OP: not sure if it's too late or not, but I think a poll for those who say they still use their PlayBook a lot would be interesting for this thread:
    1) i use my playbook a lot and I own a BBOS device
    2) i use my playbook a lot and I own a BB10 device
    3) i use my playbook a lot but don't own a BB device

    I used my PlayBook a lot when I my Torch 9810 was my main device, but now that I've "upgraded" to BB10, I don't use it nearly as often.
    08-05-13 02:56 PM
  23. dazzleaj's Avatar
    Wife and I use it every day for non business time wasting. We find it very handy when out of the house for bridged business access but use laptops for real business travel. Good for light business use but too light weight for earning a living with. Really handy though.
    08-05-13 03:32 PM
  24. katesbb's Avatar
    Sure, I still grab it whenever I want a bigger screen to reply to emails, do some casual web surfing (javascript off of course, lol), browse twitter or stream Amazon Prime videos. I LOVE the front speakers

    Even if we're not getting anything new, I do wish they had at least fixed or finished what they started with PBOS. Customized notifications and profiles, a "Mark all Prior Read" option, ability to edit bookmarks... and I'd be pretty happy with it.
    08-05-13 03:54 PM
  25. colinstone's Avatar
    Yup - bridged to my 9300 abroad on a UK T-Mobile BB unlimited worldwide email and internet on phone plan - using BIS.
    Wouldn't switch to OS10 etc on a normal data plan at all!!!

    Sent from my BlackBerry® Curve 3G using Tapatalk
    08-05-13 04:04 PM
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