1. veebic's Avatar
    hi all
    well i am new here,i just baught a used,very clean,Playbook with 32 RAM.
    I want to used it in my excursion in the forest,when i am hunting,,so i would need the GPS to show me where i am.

    So far the applications i found need Internet feed,,we dont have even cell where i am going,
    can you help me found the application i need?

    thanks very much

    08-31-13 01:22 PM
  2. pacoman03's Avatar
    Both Osmand and Nogago Maps are available in app world and are free. Neither need wifi or data to work. Both apps are essentially the same- Nogago is basically an offshoot of Osmand, but Nogago is geared more towards hiking so it may be better suited for your purposes. You'll need to download maps for offline use for the states/areas you'll be at in both apps. There are other apps available but either are paid apps or need to be sideloaded (meaning they're not in app world) and probably aren't better funtionally or feature wise anyway.
    08-31-13 01:38 PM
  3. veebic's Avatar
    thanks for your reply,
    is it good for canada ?
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    08-31-13 02:33 PM
  4. FF22's Avatar
    You are probably aware, but tablets are not necessarily rugged enough for real outdoor adventures and especially moisture, rain, etc. Also, the gps in the pb is not "assisted" by cell towers and might not perform (get readings) in dense woods. So besides putting it in a protective case, I'd look for ziplock baggies or similar. Then, also, the gps use might severely cut down on battery time away from a charging circuit.

    But otherwise enjoy your new pb and welcome to Crackberry.
    08-31-13 02:39 PM
  5. CarlJF's Avatar
    You can use Viewranger and the optional Canada topo maps pack. However, I would not rely on the PB -or any other tablet or cell phone- GPS if my life depends on it. Take it as a backup device for confirming or precising your position, but not being totally lost if it's not working. In other words, be sure you're able to get back home even if the device fails.

    With this in mind, I've bring mine in fishing trips and it worked fine. Funny thing, the unassisted GPS is then an asset since in doesn't need cell tower signal. My PB was thus able to trace our position when my friend's iPhone doesn't have a clue or where it was.

    Here are a few tricks I found when using Viewranger on the playbook.
    - Before launching Viewranger, start GPSTest (the apps with a white satellite on a blue background) and wait until it gets your position.
    - Always let GPSTest run in the background.
    - Then lauch Viewranger.
    - Don't forget to set up Viewranger in offline mode before leaving home! Also, don't forget to load or cache your map before leaving!
    - Don't let the PB go to sleep. if it does, it shut down the GPS and you will lose your trace.
    - I use the app StayON to keep the PB from going to sleep.
    - Don't forget StayON needs to be in the foreground to do it's job. If it's running in the background, the PB will still go to sleep.
    - So, you wil have three apps running at the same time: GPSTest (always in the background), Viewranger and StayON.
    - If Viewranger lose your position but GPSTest always works fine, just close Viewranger and relaunch it.
    - If GPSTest isn't able to give you a position, then you're probably not in LOS of any satellite.
    - It will usually not work very well indoor. It usually works in a car.
    - The free openstreet maps are not 100% reliable. Many backcountry roads are missing.
    - Last, but not least, bring a good paper topo map! You can always look at coordinates and know precisely where you are on the map.

    Have fun!
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    09-02-13 10:07 AM

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