1. rleo25's Avatar
    Hey PB users and fans, could you give me a hint on how to zoom with a bluetooth mouse? right buttom does all the swipping functions on the PB screen but no zoomimg.
    10-10-11 12:17 PM
  2. Blackman91's Avatar
    I have te same problem.
    05-18-13 03:30 AM
  3. GSM-S's Avatar
    I have bought a bluetooth mouse and keyboard. I tried them out with my z10. I have have noticed the same problem. No zoom.
    01-25-14 03:46 PM
  4. ypvs's Avatar
    Easy, get two BT mice (mouses??), bring the pointers together, then drag apart

    Seriously, if you haven't got a scroll wheel to program then its difficult to see how
    01-25-14 05:05 PM