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    Just thought I'd post a quick how-to on anyone interested in streaming content directly to the playbook without any 3rd party software.

    Things needed:

    1. Windows 2008 Server R2 (or any server os)
    2. Internet Information Services 7.0 IIS (any version will work)
    3. Playbook

    Basically all you do is setup a simple web server using IIS and then add virtual directories (shares). Make your server public and connect to it using your local IP or public IP (not safe, but can be used anywhere in the world). You may need to configure your router to bypass your local machine's address.

    I know you can also use FTP servers, but just thought this would be an alternative option for those familiar with IIS. You can also use Apache with *nix.

    Ofcourse this is not a detailed how-to but is recommended for mid-to advanced users.
    08-22-12 09:35 AM