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    Does wake on LAN work properly with orb (when local on same LAN - I know it is tough to make it work over the internet/WAN). If not, is it possible to put a WOL command in the launcher somehow, or a separate app? Does Orb support fast forward and rewind?

    Just an update, I submitted the Orb launcher (see first post) to AppWorld, so hopefully it will be approved shortly.
    04-27-11 10:20 AM
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    excellent post.....this forum rocks! (and the PB as well!)
    04-27-11 11:20 AM
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    Is anyone else getting Image Not Available when trying to view pictures?
    04-27-11 11:41 AM
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    I must be the only one here who cannot get ORB to work right. First off when I logged on my screen was different than the sample video on this thread.. That looks like the Wii screen whereas I have the standard desk top version. I tap, double tap and triple tap to open up a music file then I get two images instead of one. If I try to download nothing happens. No screen pops up to Save, nothing..Help
    04-27-11 02:49 PM
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    Update: I finally got it to work. For some reason I was directed to the desktop screen wherein my settings option was in the upper right corner, not the bottom. Finally found my way to Home Theater setting and everything worked fine. Its a nice addition to my Playbook.
    04-27-11 05:33 PM
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    Great info and it works awesome! Looking forward to the App which I presume may fix the issue with stopping with the playbook times out (being browser is paused when timeout occurs)

    Although, did I miss any information on how to decrease the text size so I can actually read the artists? It's so close to looking great, but that ruins it a fair amount? Thanks,

    04-28-11 07:02 AM
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    I noticed quite a few guys asking if the Orb setup (awesomely posted here by Shao!!!) runs out to the web and back when you're running it inside the home. He replied above saying that inside the home it should operate on your LAN wothout going to the web. He's right: here is an excerpt from the FAQ page on Orb's website:

    When your client device (a PC / Mac, laptop, PDA, or smartphone) and your Orb Caster PC / Mac are in the same LAN (i.e., both access the Internet via the same public IP address), Orb will always stream your media directly from your Orb Caster PC / Mac to that client device without exiting to the Internet.

    So you do not need to configure anything in Orb Caster to do LAN streaming.

    The main circumstances which would cause Orb to send your stream to the Internet and then back to your device inside your local network are:
    you have two separate public IP addresses for your single LAN and your Orb Caster PC's / Mac's IP is different from that of your client device. Note that in such case, your Orb Caster PC / Mac and your client device are not considered as being in the same LAN;
    you have a proxy server inside your LAN though which your Orb Caster PC / Mac or your Orb client device connects to access the Internet;
    your Internet connection goes through a "transparent proxy" set up by your ISP.
    In any of the above cases, Orb cannot know nor assume that the IPs of your Orb Caster PC / Mac and your Orb client device belong to the same network and, therefore, will stream through Orb servers.

    Note: This is only for the streaming. Everything else, (i.e., all HTTP requests, mouse clicks on the Web UI, etc.) will go through our servers.
    04-28-11 02:38 PM
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    QUESTION:::: how do you "refresh" the folders?
    Let me explain, I got ORB running and its perfect but my "Movie" folder I made some changes deleted some files added another etc.. but ORB still showing the original folders and ofcourse can't play them as it was deleted..

    So how do I refresh the folders?

    ::EDIT"" i tried loggin out and then back in didn't change anything.
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    04-28-11 07:33 PM
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    I was really pumped about this program until I found out that the Playbook goes into sleep mode after 2 minutes of inactivity. Very disappointing.
    04-28-11 07:37 PM
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    thats not ORB's fault, but I agree...lol

    OK so everyone just in case here is the answer to my own question...lol
    ORB has a great helpdesk.

    Alvin: I would recommend you to logout from your Playbook.
    Alvin: Refresh Media from your Orb installed PC via Orb tray icon > Orb Control Panel > User
    Alvin: Later try to logon via Orb from your Playbook and then try again.

    P.S. i did it and it worked like a charm.
    So now we just need the damn 2min times to be fixed and all good.
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    04-28-11 07:49 PM
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    Thanks to the original poster regarding this solution.

    TVersity works as well. It's only for Windows though.

    I tried ORB but I didn't know what information was being sent up to mycast.orb.com so I chose the TVersity solution which by design does not require anything to be sent to TVersity.com.
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    04-29-11 06:22 AM
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    I'm using skytunes (app's in the app store). It works fairly well. I still have to test when I'm not at home, supposedly it works.

    Only 4 downsides so far.

    1) Only music
    2) It's not getting all of the songs in my albums
    3) Only mp3s
    4) If you have to re-start your router, you have to go through the setup all over again on your pc (and that includes messing with your router config). ETA: Not an issue if your skytunes server is on a desktop pc using an ethernet cord. I switched from my laptop to my desktop and I've had no problems since.


    1) Only 2.99
    2) Supposedly unlimited music (if it shows all your music of course)
    3) Once you figure out how to make changes to your router, it's pretty simple
    4) Interface is pretty
    5) It works with virtual hard drives (I have my music on a hard drive connected to my Pogoplug and they mostly work (once I figured out how to make it work, of course).
    6) You can listen to the music playing on your pc.
    7) You should be able to listen when not on your wifi network
    8) Caches songs (although I turned that option off).
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    04-29-11 10:00 AM
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    I have to say a big BIG thank you to Shao!!!


    I set up ORB on my Win7 laptop & my WinXP desktop (and followed the short list of steps as explained by Shao), then logged onto mycast.orb.com on my playbook browser and, voil�, my playbook had access over my home wifi to all my songs, photos & movies on both my laptop and my desktop. AWESOME!!! And it played them just fine. Smooth video & rich audio, all played over my home theatre via HDMI!!!!!!!!! Woo hoooo...

    Thanks Shao for figuring this out and sharing the info with us!!!

    I noticed that you mentioned an Orb app for the playbook. I read your post saying you had already submitted it. I looked on the app store and it wasn't there. I realize there is a delay due to their "vetting" process but I was just wondering if you had any idea when they'll approve it?
    04-29-11 03:02 PM
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    almost there... little hang-up with audio/video playback:

    download & config went perfect with Orb
    set up shared folders
    logged into mycastorb with Playbook, config setup as per video
    everything works, except for actual streaming of audio and video

    folders appear fine, pics load fine, audio and video folders come up with album art and vid stills of the movie... but it won't actually play anything... just the endless spinning disk.

    flash is set as the default player, everything fine on the PC end. I can watch through another PC just fine logged into mycastorb account... everything seems to work, except the playbook won't load audio or video.

    rebooted everything, tried all the web speed settings, nothing will play.

    what am I overlooking?

    Thanks... so close -
    04-30-11 01:49 AM
  15. sandmanfvr's Avatar
    Ok so it does local, will have to try this on the weekend after I get a new playbook.
    04-30-11 04:10 AM
  16. Paul J. McCain's Avatar
    I'm having issues getting past the login screen on the Playbook. Already did it once and changed everything to flash viewing, etc, was working well, but now it doesn't want to load it up again. Anyone else?
    04-30-11 12:36 PM
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    follow up to my post above: I had to disable Windows 7 firewall for streaming to work. I tried adding exceptions to the firewall, but the only way the streaming will run on my Playbook is with this done. I'm behind a router with the port exceptions open for Orb. Still messing with configuration, but the OP's instructions are correct.

    05-02-11 02:37 PM
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    Worked for me, thanks for the post!
    05-02-11 03:20 PM
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    My Orb Launcher app is now available in AppWorld, details here: http://forums.crackberry.com/f243/or...d-free-612492/
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    05-05-11 07:24 PM
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    I'm apparently another one that can't get audio and video to work (just get the little "spin" center screen). I hate to disable my firewall, but as noted above I have Orb authorized to pass through already and that is not working. Anyone have any other suggestions?
    05-05-11 10:06 PM
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    Rim need to give the Playbook the ability to browse network shares natively. The only reason it is crippled is so that they can make $$$ selling the devices with larger onboard memory; very Steve Jobs of them.
    ^ This. +1

    For a tablet that is supposed to have business capabilities, this blows me away that this was left out.

    Add the fact that you can't add a micro sd or even usb and it gets even more perplexing
    05-06-11 08:48 PM
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    Thanks to the original poster regarding this solution.

    TVersity works as well. It's only for Windows though.

    I tried ORB but I didn't know what information was being sent up to mycast.orb.com so I chose the TVersity solution which by design does not require anything to be sent to TVersity.com.
    I'm assuming you have to enable transcoding in the settings?

    This works for me using Twonky v6 but only with the playbooks supported file types. Since this is the native uPnP program on my NAS server (QNAP), it doesn't allow transcoding of video/audio files because it puts too much of a strain on the system.

    So you should be able to stream any files if you have a desktop/laptop hosting your files. So long as you use any media server software that gives you access through a web browser and supports transcoding. But not from a dedicated media server which is the reason they exist.

    This is so unnecessary, jesus christ RIM.

    Oh but hey, we can always stream media from the playbook
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    05-07-11 12:27 AM
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    Right on for throwing this guide up.
    05-07-11 01:33 AM
  24. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    Shao, I downloaded your orb app and it is so sweet the way it works, connecting to my other computers in the house so I can look at videos and photos on the PB without transferring the files themselves.

    For some of the other posters, I didn't need to set any special settings to get at these files. I simply turned on network file sharing on both my W7 laptop and my PB, set the router to WPA with DHCP on by default, and orb was ale to work fine on the first try.
    05-07-11 10:07 AM
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    ok, I'm trying to stream a baseball game which is playing on my laptop using bit torrent. What do I need to do to get a video, streaming from a website, onto the tablet? Or is this not possible?
    05-07-11 04:41 PM
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