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    Hey, here is an easy way to connect your Blackberry Playbook to a PPTP VPN
    You will need Windows 7

    Buy Cheap VPN Here 5.99$

    Download and install Connectify Lite
    and Playbook
    Setup VPN connection on your Windows 7 Click here if you don't know how
    install connectify lite
    Restart Windows

    Run connectify lite
    add an 8 digit password
    "Internet" chose your VPN connection you setup in windows 7
    under advanced , Share over , chose your wireless adapter on your PC or laptop

    Sharing mode, use Wi-Fi Access Point, Encrypted WPA2

    Then hit Start Hotspot,

    This is my 1st How to, so if you didnt get my instruction let me know ill try to help, and if you like to fix it up please do
    Thanks and Enjoy
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    Um when do you attack
    01-25-12 01:44 PM
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    01-25-12 02:05 PM
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    Yup I pointed this out a few weeks ago. What's really cool is if you have tether (the app) you can actually use your BlackBerry phone along with your pc to enable a wifi broadcast for you playbook. I use my 9670 tethered to my laptop for Internet and my laptop with connectify installed broadcasts the connection as wifi to my Playbook. Does it work well? I've loaded a 442mb update of the 2.0 beta with it and I also play modern Combat online multiplayer using it. It's actually Faster than my Verizon mifi.
    01-25-12 04:25 PM
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    Thats great,
    its working really great, i live in Jordan and some playbook native apps would not install like music store, podcasts, kobobooks, and slacker radio, with the vpn i installed them all
    01-25-12 07:31 PM