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    Playbook OS 2.0 now works with Lotus Traveler 8.5. Here's how you can set up a Notes account on the Playbook.

    1. Select Accounts from the setup menu.
    2. Select, Email, Calendar and Contacts
    3. Select "Advanced Setup" from the Email,Calendar and Contacts screen.
    4. Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
    5. Enter a Description, leave the domain field blank.
    6. Enter your Lotus Notes user name (First Last).
    7. Enter your Email Address.
    8. Enter in your Notes or HTTP Password. (they may be the same).
    9. Next enter in the server address. ie traveler.company.com/servlet/traveler
    10. Set the SSL according to your company server.
    11. Enable Push
    12. Select Continue and then the data you want to sync. (Email, Contacts, Calendar).

    The Playbook will now begin to sync your data from the Traveler server.

    So far it's been working well for me.
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    03-08-12 02:24 AM
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    hi.. I am constantlybgetting the error 403..it says, the service for this account is temporarily unavailable..checked with IT in my company.. they sayactive sync is enable and working.. also they said some people in the company are able to get the playbook native email working while some just cant... they don't know what's happening.. can you pls help what you think might be happening??
    09-08-12 02:11 AM
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    Try to disable ssl
    09-08-12 04:02 AM
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    HI!, my name is Franco, I`m writing from Argentina.
    I Have the same problem with my BBZ10, I tried to sync with my traveler lotus account, and the 403 message appear.
    Someone know how to solve thi problem?
    On the other hand, I tried to using the lotus traveler for android signed for BBZ10, but i couldnt found the version, so I couldn sync with my business server....

    Please If someone can help me I will be very happy !!!!

    Thank FRANCO!
    04-02-13 03:34 PM
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    Franco, your device may be locked out. Also keep in mind that the Z10 is officially supported in Traveler 9.0.

    IBM Error: "...Device...is locked out for security reasons" when trying to synchronize with Lotus Traveler - United States

    This link may also help.

    Configuring a Blackberry 10 device for IBM Traveler
    04-03-13 08:29 AM