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    good afternoon

    i have a BB playbook 32Gb , and a eeepc netbook 1018p with ubuntu 11.10 250GB

    is there a way of setting up the netbook as a wifi external hdd to allow the playbook to see it and its contents [ pics/music/files] ? and how to set the playbook to see the netbook.....

    i wont be upset its its a daft niave request !

    12-31-11 06:16 AM
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    There are a couple of different ways of approaching this but this is probably the simplest.

    On your playbook
    > Go to Settings > Storage and Sharing and enable Wifi Sharing, setting a password
    > Go to Settings > Wifi > and click the Wifi/? icon in the bottom left
    > Select the Diagnostic Information dropdown and you can find your Playbook's IP address by choosing Internet Connection.

    On ubuntu (if you are using GNOME)
    > Open a nautilus (the default file explorer) window
    type - smb://<ip address of your playbook>/media
    It should prompt you for a password: this is the password you chose earlier on the playbook, and the default user is playbook.

    It should mount it at that point.

    If you want it to mount it at boot time, it is probably worth thinking about your network config, whether to assign a static IP, mount it in /etc/fstab run a script to mount it after the network interface has been brought up otherwise you will probably get errors as I think networks are mounted after drives are mounted.

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    12-31-11 09:55 AM
  3. Angus_CB's Avatar
    The instructions above will allow Ubuntu to see your Playbook but not the other way around.
    Probably the easiest way to allow your Playbook to see the media files on your Ubuntu netbook is to run PlayOn for Linux.
    PlayOn is a media server that you connect to through your Playbook browser.
    I haven't tried the Linux version yet but I do have it running on a Windows 7 PC.
    12-31-11 11:50 AM
  4. DrSoupDragon's Avatar
    interesting angus - this i think is one of the things im after

    do you load onto netbook then through PB brower access it ?
    12-31-11 03:34 PM