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    At 19:23 06/02/2012, you wrote:
    >Hello, will you be developing a TN5250 version for the Blackberry Playbook.
    >Playbook OS2 will run Android apps so all that's required is porting
    >the Android version.

    The idea of running Android apps on playbook, can never be good. I am
    not sure if I will develop playbook software, nobody knows if the
    playbook will be in the marked if we look 3-4 month ahead. Could end
    as HP WebOS tablet.

    jan f - mochasoft


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    02-06-12 09:14 PM
  2. robtanz's Avatar
    Tell him that he would also be making his software available to BB10 phones as well.
    02-06-12 09:19 PM
  3. kennyliu's Avatar
    Why bother replying?

    Some people may be not as enthusiastic and optimistic as far as the Playbook is concerned. They may end up regretting, but they may also end up being in the position to say "I told you so".
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    02-06-12 09:25 PM
  4. FSeverino's Avatar
    if all he has to do is 'port' the app and thinks that it is too much effort then they are obviously not business minded.

    if it took me 5 days (making a number) to make an app for all the android phones/tablets and then can take me a couple of hours or even a day to make that available to the PB and future BB phones then why would i NOT do that?

    even if he sells 1 app that is profit they would not have to get otherwise.

    they have to look at it in terms of $/hr. how much do they want to get paid an hour?
    if they value their hourly rate at $20 then if it takes them 10 hours to 'port' the app they would need to make $200 on the app to break even. If they make $1 per sale they would need to sell ONLY 200 apps. If there are 200 000 PBs (which i think there are MANY more) then only 1% of PB owners would need to but their app to BREAK EVEN

    PLUS if the app world sucks as bad as they think then wouldnt their amazing app get eaten up by all us losers with the PB?

    I say it is a no brainer...
    then again, i was smart enough to NOT listen to the media and buy a PB in the first place.
    02-06-12 09:30 PM
  5. ericlc2's Avatar
    As mentioned, I wouldn't reply, in the end it's their lo$$.
    02-06-12 09:32 PM
  6. Boodrew's Avatar
    Don't really understand his response. RIM has given tools for porting Android apps to the playbook: thus what does he have to lose?? I would figure he would want to get his product on as many platforms as possible to increase sales. I would just reply "thank you for your quick response, I will just have to look else where for a similar product which I'm sure will be made available by another android developer"
    02-06-12 09:33 PM
  7. peter9477's Avatar
    What kennyliu said (why do I keep writing that?).

    I'd add "yet" though... give it a rest for a couple of months, then maybe you'll find a reason to follow up with a "still think the same"?

    That would be after March 29 when the next earnings report is out, where we'll hear at least this quarter's shipment numbers, and people like him will be a bit, or a lot, surprised.
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    02-06-12 09:36 PM