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    F2 and I were having a little discussion in another thread about placing shotcuts to files on the PB desktop using the PB's browser, so I thought I'd make a short video showing people what we were talking about, since I think many are not aware of this function. I recorded the video with my PB hooked up to my flatscreen TV via hdmi, shooting the video showing on my flatscreen with the PB's camera. Thus, you won't see any fingers tapping on icons or such. In the beginning of the video, I open Ghost Commander to navigate to a media file (Avatar) and then to copy the name and location of the file. I then pasted this into the PB browser's address bar and hit go. The video then opens in the browser, where one tap on the screen brings up the media controls and another tap makes it go full screen. I then paused the video and bookmarked it to my desktop. From here, I can now open the video from my desktop with one click- no searching or scrolling required. I then opened a few other bookmarked files- an audio file, an HTML file (exported bookmarks from my PC's browser), and a text file- all opening in the browser with one click.

    This is a handy feature for quickly accessing certain favorite files, but only works with files that in fact can be opened by the browser. Note that my browser is rather slow in opening. This is mainly caused by me taxing the PB's hardware by simultaneously recording video with the PB camera while also trying to play media in the browser. If I hadn't been recording, the browser would have opened much faster.
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    04-08-13 04:09 PM

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