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    Hi guys , after 4 days of work on this video to make it absolutely perfect, I bring to you a new video on how to use DDBT, SACHESI, and SLIMJET, the length of the video is just under 30 mins and that is with several spots that are sped up, making the video to be instructional is not easy, it takes a fair amount of time.

    I do have a server with 4 TBs of files, but its impossible to just set up the Blackberry stuff, everything else has to go with it, so I will make the decision to include it in this thread, the ID and logon (again that will be up to the admins), in the next few days.

    I do use the music from Gordon Lightfoot, with the publisher's permission on YouTube, there is no speaking in the entire video , instead I present the whole video as a silent movie, (with music) and use 5 large letter screens to tell you what I am doing in the video.

    All of the programs that I use are available here on CRACKBERRY, search for the thread 'Restoring a wiped Blackberry Playbook in 2023' and you will get all of the instructions on how to use these programs.

    Here is the video : .

    I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it, I pulled all of my video making skills out to create this video.
    03-17-24 05:11 AM

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