1. gordonbleu's Avatar
    I placed an email in the trash folder and now want to return it to my inbox folder. Don't see an obvious/easy way to do this. Any help appreciated.
    06-03-15 02:56 PM
  2. martinjdub's Avatar
    I don't have my playbook with me at the moment but I'm pretty sure there's no recovering those emails from the Bin...hmmmmm....maybe if you use BlackBerry Bridge and pair it with your BlackBerry you can get it back?


    Long shot
    06-04-15 09:28 AM
  3. pacoman03's Avatar
    No, they can be recovered on the Playbook. Open your Trash folder (tap top left folder icon from inbox, next to the magnifying glass, to access your folders), then open the subject email. From here, tap the bottom icon on the right- above the trashcan. Now, choose the folder that you want to move the email to (inbox, probably) and you're done.
    06-04-15 10:11 AM

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