04-09-17 04:22 PM
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  1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Noticing that my PB takes quite a while to start up. Is this normal? Thanks
    01-21-16 02:56 PM
  2. BB Adict's Avatar
    Noticing that my PB takes quite a while to start up. Is this normal? Thanks
    That is a million dollar question. 3-5 minutes seem to be the norm for me. Others have experienced more, some less.

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    01-21-16 03:02 PM
  3. brookie229's Avatar
    Noticing that my PB takes quite a while to start up. Is this normal? Thanks
    It's like watching a glacier move - it's that slow, normal for the Playbook. I get around that by NEVER turning it off. Just swipe upwards from the bottom bezel to wake it up. I have had mine for 2 years plus and have only turned it off 2-3 times when I have gone on holiday without it. No problems doing that.
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    01-21-16 03:13 PM
  4. castoridae's Avatar
    Less than 60 seconds for all three and much faster than my HP PAVILION notebook!
    01-22-16 08:26 PM
  5. peelbren's Avatar
    Thanks everyone for your replies
    01-30-16 03:03 PM
  6. peelbren's Avatar
    If I don't want to turn my Playbook off what mode do I leave it in? I see that you said to just swipe from the bottom up to wake it up?
    Thanks again for your previous reply.
    01-30-16 03:05 PM
  7. castoridae's Avatar
    Turn down the volume and brightness to save the battery running low and then, just leave it alone and it automatically goes into sleep mode. to wake it up, just swipe up from the bottom bezel (frame). You can also press the battery icon. You will see red, orange yellow and green buttons for choices, choose standby, which is the same as just setting it down and letting it go into this mode on its own. The playbooks were designed so that you don't have to physically use a button to turn them off.
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    01-30-16 03:29 PM
  8. peelbren's Avatar
    thanks for your reply
    01-31-16 09:09 AM
  9. peelbren's Avatar
    Hi all

    Now I'm getting a 'verify the certificate' message when I turn on my Playbook if I'm using WIFI outside of my home.
    Do I just have to click ok until the message goes away?

    Thanks again for all your recent replies to my questions
    01-31-16 12:02 PM
  10. castoridae's Avatar
    I think that happens sometimes when your connecting to free wifi sites. There might be a spot at the bottom if that page where you say 'accept'. In your tools menu on 'wifi', make the setting 'available networks'. That way it will search for free wifi when you're at StarBucks and other places that have free wifi.
    01-31-16 03:01 PM
  11. peelbren's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply
    02-01-16 01:48 PM
  12. dazzleaj's Avatar
    Just don't let the battery get down so low that it shuts itself down. The battery doesn't like that and it hurts the longevity of it.
    02-04-16 09:47 PM
  13. pacoman03's Avatar
    To actually answer the OP's question, a properly functioning Playbook should boot up in about 2 and a half minutes or so- much more than this means it's time for a security wipe. Castoridae's claim of less than 60 seconds is not to be believed. The fastest boot possible would be in about 1 minute 45 seconds, but this would require wiping ones PB, then refusing the available update, and then sideloading only those system apps which you actually use/need.
    02-04-16 10:44 PM
  14. EnesBerry1's Avatar
    Day 365 and still counting lol but no it srsly takes a lot, usually 4 min or 5

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    02-05-16 02:27 AM
  15. rotorwrench's Avatar
    The longer boot time is due to the security features that were built in the PB OS, as well as BB10. When you shut down your PB, it clears it's kernel and other specific op functions. Because of that, on startup, those items and processes are all reloaded fresh, hence the long startup time, compared to other devices.

    When the PB was first released this was a hot topic and at my company, which had adopted the PB as our network tablet, our IT had gotten that information from BB Enterprise Support. Most recent PB owners don't know that initially the PB wouldn't even retain emails or other data from your phone when the bridge was disabled. The PB wouldn't retain any data from your phone and would not receive email, all due to security concerns, which is one reason many companies and businesses like ours adopted the PB.

    My PBs have only been actually turned off 4 or 5 times in the last four years. I do restarts and periodic hard resets just to recover memory and clear caches. It's a good practice to clear corrupted files or glitches.

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    02-06-16 01:25 PM
  16. fschmeck's Avatar
    About 2.5 minutes for mine. I usually put it in airplane mode and turn off the screen though, so I rarely need to turn it off altogether.

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    02-08-16 07:00 AM
  17. Pixtureskk's Avatar
    Using just the battery startup can take 2-3 minutes. With the AC charger that came with the PB or the Rapid Charger, the startup takes 1min. 45sec. consistently. I always turn mine off after a day's use, prefer to use it with the AC charger if I am working on it for a few hours. The battery functions optimally, if you let it drain to about 40%, no lower, then recharge it every few weeks. This way works for me, I think this is what Blackberry suggests as well.
    12-12-16 08:06 PM
  18. andy957's Avatar
    3 mins or so.
    12-15-16 12:44 AM
  19. tatone's Avatar
    I'll say 2-3 minutes

    Posted using my Awesome BlackBerry Z30
    02-08-17 01:58 PM
  20. kelom's Avatar
    3 - 4 minutes.

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    02-08-17 06:43 PM
  21. dangerousfen's Avatar
    3 - 4 minutes.

    Posted via CB10
    Yep. Same for mine.

    "Z30 STA100-2 UK"
    02-18-17 06:05 AM
  22. mh1983's Avatar
    Compelling reasons to not reboot or shutdown/restart unless absolutely necessary. I just put mine in standby and recharge when the battery is down to 20-30%. No issues and no long startup times to deal with.
    02-19-17 04:46 PM
  23. hotshotsgolf's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    03-12-17 09:44 AM
  24. Rustybronco's Avatar
    3+ minutes. I have mine in the charging stand. It probably hasn't been turned off in close to a year now.
    03-19-17 08:28 AM
  25. nomloj's Avatar
    About 3 minutes for me, but feels more like 5-6 minutes. I just have to put it down and go get a drink or restart when I'm done using it. I usually do restarts every 5-6 months if it seems to be slowing for whatever reason, and that's always made it seem fast again like original speed.
    03-20-17 02:17 PM
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