06-10-12 06:09 PM
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  1. OnyxFruit's Avatar
    I've only had to reboot it once since I first turned it on and that was required because of the OS update. Ever since then it has been going strong for a month.
    06-04-12 09:55 PM
  2. kennyliu's Avatar
    The strange thing is that PBOS/QNX is microkernel and RTOS. Theoretically, there shouldn't be any need to reboot the Playbook. Go figure

    Edit: I reboot at least 1-2 times a week as my browser starts to misbehave (most often it refuses to load a page unless I reboot).
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    06-04-12 10:09 PM
  3. brianatbb's Avatar
    If I want to use the messages app, every few hours. Otherwise, once or twice a week is required to keep everything running well.
    06-04-12 10:17 PM
  4. rotorwrench's Avatar
    Since September, except for one occasion of an app hangup, I've only rebooted when I've done updates and loaded new apps. All by choice. That's my daily use personal PB. My work PB has only been rebooted after updates.
    06-04-12 11:14 PM
  5. wavin's Avatar
    Are you talking hard or soft?
    06-04-12 11:19 PM
  6. miroozy's Avatar
    before the OS 2.1 beta ..i used to reboot it twice a day ..because of the android player lags ...

    but now..i don need to ...it's more stable now..no lags ..no bugs..nothin bad
    06-04-12 11:48 PM
  7. ninjarider1978's Avatar
    Used to reboot once every 2nd day back when I was sideloading most everything. Since I had to security wipe after the last update I haven't been sideloading anything and really haven't had to reboot for any glitching since then. When I reboot its because of habit and if I have 3 minutes with it removed from my hands!

    Might go back and do some more sideloading and see if the Android player became more stable.
    06-04-12 11:50 PM
  8. OnyxFruit's Avatar
    I have to say I've been really impressed by how stable the OS has been (compared to my PC, for example). It is also good to read that others have had the same experience. I know everyone's PlayBook is different with apps and how it is configured. I've never used any other tablet so I wonder how qnx compares to other OSs in terms of stability and reliability.
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    06-05-12 12:58 AM
  9. OnyxFruit's Avatar
    Are you talking hard or soft?
    I was thinking hard reboot (ie, OS locks up or crashes).
    06-05-12 01:01 AM
  10. axllebeer's Avatar
    As far as a hard reset, about 1 time every 2 months or so. I'm pretty fine with that as I use my PlayBook as a computer substitute most of the time. It's just too convenient to pull out the PlayBook instead of being restricted to my desktop or pulling out all the cords for my netbook as it is several yrs old now and the battery won't last but 45 mins. I also have to charge it nightly or more depending on my usage.
    I really don't know how I got along without it.
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    06-05-12 01:09 AM
  11. rkennedy01's Avatar
    before the OS 2.1 beta ..i used to reboot it twice a day ..because of the android player lags ...

    but now..i don need to ...it's more stable now..no lags ..no bugs..nothin bad
    Same here. I actually gave up on using *any* Android apps under 2.0, which was a bummer since there are some good titles available for the Player. However, with 2.1 I've had far fewer problems, and the few times an app has hung I've been able to recover the VM/continue using other apps without everything getting blocked by the single/shared application window nonsense.

    Overall, much more stable - haven't rebooted in a while and don't anticipate needing to do so any time soon.

    Of course, now that I've said that, it'll lock-up in the next 5 minutes just to prove me wrong...

    06-05-12 01:49 AM
  12. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    One of my devices has never been rebooted (excluding software updates) in its 6+ months of use. Its used as a media/music player with light web browsing. Fairly clean of apps (a couple games but that's it), and no android use.
    06-05-12 04:43 AM
  13. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    Only when needed i.e upgrades, wipe or debrick.
    Had once a hangout with a sideloaded android app under the 2.0 beta, and maybe a couple of "can't be a bad idea" ones.
    06-05-12 05:04 AM
  14. Hgouck's Avatar
    I have not had to do a hard reset in 9 months of daily use. I do restart it once a month like I do with all my computers. Habit more than necessary.
    06-05-12 05:48 AM
  15. Ben1232's Avatar
    after i have sex with my girlfriend so 3 times a day
    Be honest...you've never rebooted your playbook have ya

    Couple of times a week for me.
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    06-05-12 05:51 AM
  16. homer1475's Avatar
    Only when things go haywire, which is once in a great while. Think the last time was when I updated to 2.1, before that, a couple months ago when we got 2.0.
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    06-05-12 06:29 AM
  17. Spencerdl's Avatar
    I do a HARD RESET after every update and a reset (battery icon) once a month. I have no sideloaded apps, one android app from app world, and several native apps. My PlayBook has been running smooth since May 2011......guess I'm one of the LUCKY ones . I decided not to "root" and not to go backwards and forwards with different OS's. No problems so far with this plan of operation.
    06-05-12 06:49 AM
  18. jrohland's Avatar
    I've found the two things that seem to cause a deep OS problem:

    Running Android apps. If you start and stop Android apps enough, it gets buggered up and won't run Android apps anymore until a restart.

    Canceling Flash videos. I find if I partially watch 4 to 5 Flash videos in a row, it hoses the browser and a restart of the PB is needed.

    Otherwise, when I ride my bicycle to work, I tend to turn it off. There is no need to do that but I'm more comfortable knowing it is not getting hot.

    My lady never restarts hers unless the Kindle app (sideloaded Android) stops working. That has only happened twice since December.
    06-05-12 07:22 AM
  19. rthonpm's Avatar
    Other than OS updates, I've only rebooted once. I only have one side loaded app (SNES emulator), and a handful of Android apps so I guess I haven't had to worry about hangups there. I only use LinkedIn for social media, no Twitter either, and I just have my business email on the tablet so no real issues with the messaging side of things either.

    Either I'm lucky, or I just don't use a lot of applications that could cause issues.
    06-05-12 07:28 AM
  20. OriginalLucy's Avatar
    Just when we got the os updates. I clear browser cache once in awhile, but, lucky to never have had any real issues. All running great here.
    06-05-12 08:03 AM
  21. kbz1960's Avatar
    And couple times in almost a year because of need. About once a week just because. I clear my browser cache and all a couple times a day. I think they still need better memory management. I've also noticed when the battery level gets around 20% it starts to get sluggish.

    Edit to add or whenever it needs it. Lol
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    06-05-12 08:34 AM
  22. emad1995's Avatar
    if i want to use the messages app then once every 2 days but other than that i can go 2-3 weeks without reebooting

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    06-05-12 09:14 AM
  23. glamrlama's Avatar
    Pics or it didn't happen! I rebooted after installing the beta. Then 2 days ago when my batteries ran out. Who has the longest uptime?
    06-05-12 09:15 AM
  24. BB_Bmore's Avatar
    I reboot every time I stick it on the charger for a long charge. Why not.
    06-05-12 09:52 AM
  25. sleepngbear's Avatar
    I don't know how long I could got, because a few times now I've been in the middle of a round of Great Little War Game and not notice the battery running down to nothing. I think once I had to manually reboot it, but that too was because of a game going haywire. Might even have been an early version of the same game.

    Going on two weeks now!
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    06-05-12 10:16 AM
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