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    While I do have my share of frustrations with the PlayBook (mostly regarding the late launch), there is no doubt that this is a huge step for RIM and BlackBerry. Everytime a new video is released I sit back and think, "Ok...it's worth the wait...relax." Patience is a virtue I guess, and I think there have been notable advancements made with this new product.

    Watching the progression of QNX in the various videos and leaks that we have seen has been interesting to say the least. We now have a very polished and fluid system that seems to be getting universally positive reviews as BB finishes the code and readies for production. The integration and functionality of the system seem wonderful, the partnership with 7Digital is a great selling point, BBM, tethering, the list goes on...

    Obviously, tablets have been splitting the difference between phones and computers for a while now, and in some cases they are little more than super-sized cell phones without the ability to make calls. We have watched Apple go from computer to phone to tablet, each looking like a natural stepping stone between consumer preferences and needs.

    The PlayBook makes me wonder if we could ever see a BlackBerry computer...how hard would it really be? Apple has pretty easily lifted iOS from Macs to iPhones and iPads...could QNX be as adaptable on something larger and more functional? Would RIM ever do it? Or how about an MP3 player?

    I think RIM has a large enough loyal user base and strong enough brand equity to continue to branch out into the tech field and do it successfully. My question is: how far would they go?
    03-10-11 09:58 AM
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    hey kevin any turth to rumors that playbook not going to launch until end of april
    03-10-11 10:38 AM
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    I don't think you'll ever see a computer from RIM. First off, the market is already oversaturated - there's simply no room for a new entrant into the market. More than that, the advances in mobile computing are putting a squeeze on desktop and laptop computers. Just look at how much trouble Google's Chrome OS is having gaining any traction.

    What I think we'll see from RIM is continued improvements in its mobile devices, using higher-end hardware and streamlining the OS/UI. They will continue differentiating themselves from the rest where they can while still trying to break out of the enterprise-only perception and appeal more to consumers. Other than that, RIM is just not the type of innovative company that creates new trends and markets.

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    03-10-11 10:42 AM