1. Krack-Berri's Avatar
    I bought a playbook from a sale/trade forum and it came with original receipt.

    But i misplaced it a few days ago and cant find it.. I wanted to take it back to get a replacement as it has about 20 dead pixels scattered on the top of the screen..

    is there anyway i could get it replaced through rim or something?

    02-05-12 03:12 PM
  2. kennyliu's Avatar
    Register for the 90-day service using your S/N:

    PlayBook Technical Support Phone Number - PlayBook Help Phone

    Then, you'll be able to cal them and ask for replacement/repair.

    See where it says "Direct support for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet" and " Tablet Serial Number Submit" (almost on the bottom of the page).

    It will show you how many of the original 90 days of the service you have left.
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    02-05-12 03:13 PM
  3. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    Be aware that the terms of the warranty indicate that it applies to the original purchaser and is not transferable by the user.

    BlackBerry - PlayBook Limited Warranty
    02-05-12 03:17 PM