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    I tried notafanboy's scenario on the same PB I used in my earlier demo/response. Some observations:

    1. I loaded all three of the links he mentions in his email. Though the performance was quite choppy, the tabs continued to run even when switched into the background. For example, the universe continued to "zoom outward" in the Scale of the Universe tab, while "new york" continued to circle in some kind of planetary formation in the Tag Galaxy tab. The kitty video also continued to play, however, I eventually closed the tab because my low bandwidth connection was unable to keep up with it (I think my son might have been downloading something - I'll try again later).

    2. Though the browser was heavily bogged down trying to run the multiple flash instances, the overall PB UI remained responsive. I could swipe up and launch/switch to other applications at will with no decrease in response time or frame rate.

    Conclusion: The PB will indeed "multitask" multiple instances of its Flash plugin within the browser, and any performance degradation seems isolated to the browser's process and does not impact other apps or the PB's OS/UI functions.

    Anyway, that's what I'm seeing when I try it here - I'm going to try to reproduce the scenario on one of my Android tabs to see what happens (gotta install the banned Flash plugin first).

    UPDATE: I also can confirm that the behavior is not reproducible on my Android tablet. In other words, activity within a tab does not continue when you switch away to another tab. It appears to simply pause until you return to the tab in question.

    UPDATE 2: And if I sideload Air Browser, I get another instance of the Playbook's browser, which allows me to isolate troublesome Flash sites into their own, separate browser processes. The result is much smoother multitasking, and I can even run two copies of the identical site (for example, Tagg Galaxy) side by side and watch the animation flow in both instances. Very...PC like.

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    Plug your PB into an HDMI display. Change the HDMI setting so mirror mode is off. Start a video from streaming or locally stored. While the video plays on the HDMI, do anything you want on the display. That is true multitasking. I don't know any other tab that can do that at this time.

    You can switch apps to the front by swipping left or right with one finger. Wait a second until it is sure you want that app and start using it. One step only.

    Calendar, email, and if you have Bridge active, BBM, TXT all notify with no app running.

    Two days ago I started Radio for BlackBerry PlayBook, streamed ImageRadio out of London, opened YouTube in the browser, started a HD vid of flight over Scotland, muted the video and let Radio play the audio track. Nary a hiccup to be seen or heard. Buy, the way Animated Weather was also running and he announced the current conditions on the 15 minute as is his wont. A PB user thinks nothing of doing this kind of thing as the PB handles true multitasking with aplomb.
    I got a chance to try out the GS3 video feature on a friend's DLNA capable WDTV tonight. I started streaming a video from the GS3 via DLNA, sent the video player to the background and started browsing/using other apps in the foreground.

    As for the rest of your post, it's already been demonstrated that the Android OS can do those easily.
    10-24-12 08:53 PM
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