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    I have had my playbook for about a year now, and I was wondering; How do other users "use" their playbook? For me, I use it to watch videos on flights, or the internet on trips, but outside of that, I haven't found a lot of use for it it.

    The presentation mode for powerpoint is really good, but most companies that I give presentations at do not have a projector with an HDMI port on it, so I've never been able to use it.

    I would love to some how network it with my home network, so I can could stream video from my NAS to my playbook when I am not sitting at my desk (I have a mac and can't even connect the bluetooth to it), not to mention when I am on the road and don't want to bring my laptop with me. Has anyone found a simple way of doing this?

    I really like the playbook, the size, the OS and how it all works, I am just look for more ways I can make use of it. I bought it when it was still new and sadly paid the more expensive price for it, so I would really appreciate suggestions on how I can really maximize this thing

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    My uses.....in no particular order. ( and not limited to )

    1. Surfing the net at home and while away
    2. Watching videos on my PB and on my big screen via hdmi
    3. Presentations this coming school year (hdmi to vga adapter)
    4. Stream music via bluetooth to my home theater
    5. Ereader
    6. On a recent trip, used as a GPS with Magellan compass
    7. Email
    8. Alarm Clock (app)
    9. Following sports ( Score, Tsn and Speed apps)
    10. Note taking
    11. As an organizer
    12. Keeping an eye on the weather
    13. Reading my online newspaper subscription
    14. Playing a few games
    15. Reading Crackberry.com
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    What DC said. Never turn the TV on anymore.
    07-31-12 07:53 PM
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    1. Reading books (Primary use..)
    2. Net browsing (turning on the PC is a bit boring since PB..)
    3. Games..
    4. Videos / Music
    5. Maps (Hopefully.. When I find a goof offline maps app .. trying out OsmAnd atm..)
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    07-31-12 08:50 PM
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    1. Surf CrackBerry.com for the latest and greatest news on BlackBerry.
    2. Connect to the TV via HDMI to watch MLB.COM (go Yankees)
    3. In corporate meetings use Doc to go for note taking (BB Mini keyboard journal case)
    4. Back in office email notes using bridge from my Bold 9900 to store on work PC
    5. Working from home using Remote Desktop App to access work PC
    6. Video record family sporting events (on tripod adapter for daughters bball games)
    7. In car tablet mount (arkon) connected to car stereo to listen to my 18 gig library
    8. In car tablet mount (arkon) using Magellan GPS app for turn by turn navigation
    9. Side loaded Amazon Kindle app to read books.

    Just to name a few...

    I'm A BlackBerry user by choice
    07-31-12 09:20 PM
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    1. Surf the Internet. PlayBook loads up faster than my laptop.
    2. View photos from my BlackBerry phone. Also have sync for Facebook, so I have my fave photo albums on my PlayBook.
    3. E-reader. Sideloaded Kindle.
    4. Stream Rhapsody service. And loaded my favorite CDs.
    5. Organizer and notetaker.
    6. Wordpress blog.
    7. A few games.
    8. Also stream my favorite jazz station from the Web WBGO, since radio reception in my area of NYC is not always the best.
    9. BlackBerry News RSS reader. One of my fave apps.
    10. Scrapbook for photos.
    11. Scoremobile app, though I'm miffed that PlayBook version left out my ladies, the WNBA.
    12. Used Print to Go to store scanned copies of my son's documents. He's in the Navy.
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    07-31-12 10:04 PM
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    Bridge everything
    Internet on the sofa or out and about where wifi is or isn't available
    Lots of pictures and videos, both recording and showing
    Convert TV shows or movies to watch away from home
    A few games, hours and hours on Plants vs Zombies and others
    View laptop service manuals while replacing parts
    Read Kindle or Kobo books
    Tried almost all navigation apps, but my Tom Tom is still better
    View pdfs and spreadsheets
    RDP to my main pc with BB Mini Keyboard and then remote to clients servers
    Crackberry almost every day
    Listening to MP3's and streaming web sites
    Research movies and add to my Netflix DVD queue
    Wordpress blog
    Read news when I'm out and about and have time to kill
    Poynt to find a business
    Check lists
    Dropbox access
    Draw to explain concepts to people or document a network configuration
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    08-01-12 01:23 AM
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    Bridge is the 'killer app' for me, having briefly owned a Nexus 7 which sat on my desk all day acting as a distraction.

    I use Bridge all day at work. Since my work machine is a 12-inch laptop it's useful as a second screen to refer to emails when I'm working in Word/Excel. In meetings it's a great way to call up emails or my calendar.

    If I get a seat on the London Underground I can even read my emails that have come in overnight from other parts of the world. Have also used it for games. Next time I take a flight you can bet I'll load some movies on it. If I can get the damn Kindle app to stop asking me to re-register each time the Android Player restarts I might use it as an e-reader when I don't have my Kindle with me.

    At home I use it for casual browsing, checking email and watching iPlayer.
    08-01-12 05:30 AM
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    Me, everything I am doing to my desktop except extensive editing and typing works.
    08-01-12 10:15 AM
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    Grad school
    Grad school
    Grad school
    Grad school
    Grad school
    Grad school
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    08-01-12 10:41 AM
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    I rarely use mine to be honest. The only time I touch it is for websites that my phone can't handle and that's only at night when the PCs are off. Maybe once or twice a week.

    I don't play games on my phone or PlayBook and for communication and work the 9930 blows the PlayBook away. Any work I can't do on my 9930 the PlayBook can't do either. So at that point I have to go to my desktop or ultrabook. For my personal needs; tablets (I've used the PlayBook, ipad and 3 types of Android tablets) are extremely limted playthings that can't replace either my phone or any PC made since windows XP came out. People like to say we are in the "post PC" days, but I'm not seeing it yet. Maybe the surface will change that some.
    08-01-12 11:18 AM
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    1- Social Media from anywhere in my home.
    2- Watch Amazon Prime.
    3- Email
    4- Check the news
    5- Take some pictures
    6- Social Media... Oh wait, I already said that. Hmmm.... Not for work.
    08-01-12 07:46 PM
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    08-01-12 07:53 PM
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    for me I use my playbook as
    1) car entertaiment unit I have my phone tethered so I can choose to stream my music (luv sky.fm) or my music on the HD
    2) internet and email browsing at work or check the weather
    3) movies at nite in bed while I stream it (wish I had netflix too)
    4) videos/pictures (but I wish I remembered to do this more often)
    5) Alarm clock in the morning (its so bloody loud!! LOL)
    6) play games once in a blue moon....
    7) read the gazette (news paper)
    thats all I can remember off the top of my head, but I never do any work on it LOL
    08-01-12 09:07 PM
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    Grad school
    Grad school
    Grad school
    Grad school
    Grad school
    Grad school
    I hear ya! Thinking of applying to grad school next fall and I will definitely pack the PlayBook!!
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    08-01-12 10:18 PM
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    I've had mine since April, and use it for (not necessarily in order):

    1) BB bridge to keep up with office e-mail;
    2) Personal e-mail;
    3) Surfing the Web;
    4) Keeping up with the news, especially when traveling (Al Jazeera app is indispensable when I find myself somewhere where it's unavailable; I loathe CNN)
    5) Docs To Go for note-taking at the office and to download key docs to PB;
    6) Kindle e-reader;
    7) Storing movies/TV shows to watch while traveling;
    8) Storing favorite music;
    9) Storing favorite photos; also to snap photos at workshops/mtgs (I use my DSLR if I'm on a dedicated photo excursion);
    10) HDMI to share photos/video with family and friends;
    11) Google Maps to help me find my way around while traveling;
    12) Playing games (I downloaded a ton of them, but actually only play a few, and rarely at that);
    13) Personal organizer -- my PB is rarely out of reach and it's great for keeping track of to-dos, etc.

    I find that I rarely use my laptop these days, and then only if I've got long docs to draft -- I'm thinking a bluetooth keyboard may be in my future

    I'm pretty happy with mine; all I need now is a way to video chat with Madame (who has a Galaxy Tab) while traveling....
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    Get the bluetooth keyboard, it will work. I own a Palm Tungsten E2, and I have a bluetooth keyboard from my Palm that I also use with my Playbook whenever I do a lot of typing using Docs to Go. Works just fine.
    10-06-12 12:44 PM
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    Yeah this an old thread brought back but hey, it's a good one. I use mine pretty much every day:

    - reading newspapers online - love love love it, especially the handy size and the sweet page view feature (the little icon that looks like an open book which appears after the page finishes loading),

    - reading books in the native Kobo app,

    - checking the weather forecast - oh so handy,

    - playing Monopoly or Uno when friends and family come over (we connect it to my bigscreen tv using a long micro-hdmi cable),

    - reading & replying to email, BBM & now text messages over the bridge,

    - looking up maps and getting turn-by-turn directions on Bing Maps and Google Maps (using the app "MapSearch for Google" from AppWorld, as well as the helpful Poynt app,

    - video-chatting with the family (6 of us have PB's and I love the ease of use and superb privacy),

    - following tweets on Twitter,

    - enjoying videoplaylists on Vevo,

    - love the Magellan Compass app,

    - love the star maps on What's Up,

    - when in London, I love using the tube map app to plan trips on the London Underground,

    - love playing games such as Chess, Bejewelled, Madden, Need for Speed, Modern Combat, Lara Croft, Chromasphere & Pinball,

    ... and a lot more.
    10-06-12 02:12 PM
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    I thought I would do work on mine, but never do!!
    Mainly I surf the web, also watch television over things like BBC iPlayer etc.
    Camera and video for home movies
    Would like to make presentations for work, but unsure what software to download?
    10-08-12 08:53 AM