08-01-12 02:55 PM
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  1. alnamvet68's Avatar
    Thought a bit of levity thrown in the mix wouldn't hurt.
    12-12-11 09:52 PM
  2. Seldonharry's Avatar
    i use the playbook with the "steppy" drum app (free) and "voice notes" (free), running at the same time, while playing guitar and singing out ideas. right after i use the many free synth/piano apps to play along to new song. airbrowser is great to rename everything to stay organized. the "+- picture" is how i save the drums for later reference

    i also use my bb earphones with its mic.... it works, its fast, its fun

    love the playbook!!
    12-12-11 10:16 PM
  3. Mr.Monty's Avatar
    It's replacing my laptop and has me reading more than I have in quite a few years. I also bring it places I wouldn't take a laptop -up to camp and other short weekend trips. I've been impressed and pleased with it.
    12-13-11 02:01 AM
  4. jamesbondOO7's Avatar
    What is Facebook? Is that the thing some people use to broadcast their every movements (including bowels) and to give precious personal and marketing information to unknown parties?
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    12-13-11 05:15 AM
  5. cherolis's Avatar
    Unfortunately, I am saddened to report I can only use it like everyone else can. I have an overpriced featureless black box which is disturbing and really strange given today's technology. Perhaps RIM should ask the military for top secret clearance level 38, so it can leverage some advanced technology.
    One wonders if the commentor realizes he's saying more about himself than his device.
    12-13-11 06:39 AM
  6. alnamvet68's Avatar
    One wonders if the commentor realizes he's saying more about himself than his device.
    Yes, unfortunately we have too many going all Ricky Ricardo on the Playbook on this forum, so much so that I sometimes think I'm on an Android or Apple forum.
    12-13-11 06:46 AM
  7. childan's Avatar
    Post 2.0 I actually have some good functionality.. here's my list:

    1. Antair Nightstand with a rapid charger makes it my alarm clock- it rules..
    2. Activesync makes for larger view email reading - I will occasionally plug it into the TV too..
    3. Video recording.. I am a Taekwondo instructor, and connect it to the 80" TV in our studio, and video the activity to better visually train my students.
    4. Video presentation.. In connection with #3 I also play training tapes for them..
    5. Video Chat - we have three playbooks and the video chat is too cool - wish I could video chat across multiple platforms though..
    6. Get It Done app - works across the tablet, phone, and PC - keeps my GTD items always accessible
    7. News: Appy Geek, Press reader, The Economist, and more
    8. Kindle.. this is a cool app..
    9. BlueBox - dropbox accessibility is the best..
    10. Music.. Rhapsody, Slacker, my music..
    11. Games.. good on a long flight.. racing, etc.. but I don't need more distraction..!!
    08-01-12 02:55 PM
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