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    OK, So been awhile since I purchased anything "for" the playbook, LOL. Anyway, scooped a police scanner to have for $1.99 can't beat it if, it works, right or at least for me. Anyway, it is called Police scanner for blackberry playbook and has good reviews, until I just mucked it up with my half star review, it was not streaming, I had to reboot (yes I jumped the gun but it does not tell you to reboot) and after the reboot the app works, it does not have what I would like as in Philadelphia Northeast division (almost every free version does) but it least has city-wide and works THUS I feel bad and do NOT WANT to leave the app with a half star review when what I wrote is now not true as that is not fair to dev nor me and others who may NOT purchase it when they see my review at the top which hurts dev (and this app) and me as dev may stop support if nobody buys. ...

    Anyway, point is, yea - how do I change my bad review and stars for a app, there has to be a way??

    If not, and dev - mynativesoft is out there, my apologies, I would change it if I knew how to!

    04-23-15 11:02 PM

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