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    I swear there's been,on from standby and such,but no one,NO ONE said anything about how to turn it on from a complete shutoff,lol any help please?
    12-30-11 06:48 PM
  2. blackburberry's Avatar
    Press the power button firmly for about 1 second. You won't see any activity for a few seconds but then the red light will come on to show "power on" status. If you are having trouble with that procedure boot up Desktop Manager and connect via USB and the unit will power up.
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    12-30-11 06:51 PM
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    tried the power button?
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    12-30-11 06:52 PM
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    HyTrojan,I'm really not that stupid,I've held it down,tapped it,everything,haha,nice joke though bro.
    12-30-11 06:55 PM
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    Thanks Guys
    12-30-11 06:55 PM
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    Well Hi There.... I see you are back again.... in a better mood now?


    You really should read and watch the vids on these things...

    Here's the vid.. no reading even.

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    12-30-11 06:56 PM
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    I swear there's been,on from standby and such,but no one,NO ONE said anything about how to turn it on from a complete shutoff,lol any help please?
    the reddish button located on long side above camera's. press 1 second and have patience after that.
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    12-30-11 06:57 PM
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    Better Mood,same thing is still going on,I've kinda given up at this point but I'm still looking.
    12-30-11 07:02 PM
  9. blackburberry's Avatar
    In my own experience the first few days I owned the PB, the delayed status light caused me to wonder if the thing powered up or not. I alternated between trying to swipe it to get out of standby and pressing the power button until I was really confused about whether it was on/off or in standby.
    I can understand the question. Been there done that!
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    12-30-11 07:03 PM
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    lol, sorry... i just had to. hope you would have answered the same if it were me. is it possible it could be locked up? maybe plug it in for a few mins & do a hard reset.
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    12-30-11 07:03 PM
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    Yeah I'll try that bro,one day you should do stand up comedy,not lying haha
    12-30-11 07:08 PM
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    love reading these posts as there are many interesting. However what does surprise me a lot of times is how short fused some of the people on this forum are. They ask obvious and let me put this diplomatic not to intelligent questions (how to turn on your pb) and get upset if the response is not to their liking lol. How about reading the manual, watching the pb video doc?
    Happy New Year to all
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    12-30-11 11:22 PM
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    .....am I missing something, is this thread for real?
    12-30-11 11:29 PM
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    The confusion seems to be how long of a press it takes to fully turn off the PlayBook and not just put it into standby.

    Dealing with the power button and timing is just a hassle. Press the battery icon on the top and use the pop-up to select Turn Off.
    12-30-11 11:48 PM
  15. D_Whatley's Avatar
    I have a problem if I use the turn off tap on the battery (don't know if same applies to using the on off bitton). The red light come on after a pause, then the green and then flashing green and othing more. Using the "ctl-alt-del" (up+down volume +power buttom) restart method will then reboot the system and all is good. I don't know if this is typical of the OS2 beta with its required password or some other issue but it is not intuitive. Reading the forum helped me discover a solution without asking for help but I can see why this can be frustrating.

    I will say that I watched the videos for hints on usability and don't understand reluctance to take experienced advice.
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    12-31-11 12:17 AM