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    I've received a new PlayBook from BlackBerry, and I would like to set it up. I created a backup using BlackBerry Desktop software 7.1 on my previous PlayBook.

    1. The restore file (4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook (11-03-2013).bbb) contains "Application Data". Does this mean the backup file doesn't contain the applications themselves? Do I need to install the applications first from BlackBerry World?
    2. Performing a device restore will erase "all files" on the device before the restore begins. Are applications and updates erased as well?
    3. When I restore a my Style, I can select which databases I want to restore. Can I do the same with the PlayBook?

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    12-09-13 02:19 AM
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    Updates as in OS updates? No.

    A full backup has all the apps that were previously installed. If you did a full backup, then all apps will be there.

    PlayBook (and BB10) backups are all or nothing things. All media or no media. All apps or no apps. All settings or no settings.
    12-09-13 01:31 PM
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    I did a restore from BlackBerry Desktop, and it restored all my apps. I noticed that they were restored to the version available at the time I made the backup, so there were two updates available.

    The only things I found so far that were not included in the backup file were email settings and my device password. Otherwise I'm on my way to getting my device working again.

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    12-10-13 03:27 AM
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    it's better to use desk top than link,,, link WILL NOT restore all data, i.e. game progress, etc,,, it got so bad i deleted link from my pc...
    12-12-13 05:59 AM
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    Link is not compatible with my Style 9670, but BlackBerry Desktop works for both.

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    12-12-13 10:49 PM

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