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    My 64GB Playbook (not the SIM type) just had it damaged battery replaced by a techie who deals in phone repairs and tabs, afterwards I don't know why it has been defaulting to the Wifi setup page option, the tech guy told me it need to be reloaded with an OS via only through Wifi for which he was going to charge me heavily for, so I decided to do it myself. In my area, there aren't much Wifi connection around, the few available ones are both very slow and password secured. I eventually connected the Playbook to an unsecured one, and got passed the wifi setup page, problem started when at the Blackberry ID selection page, as I am about to fill it, it just hanged. Nothing hit it nor did it fall from my hands, Swiping pass each setup language/agreement options page, until it hanged on the Blackberry ID selection page thinking to myself it was loading or something wherein I realized this when I was awaiting it respond but never responded. It just froze there.

    I pressed the I/O Turn Off button and it displayed the 3 buttons: Restart, Standby and Turn Off but there weren't responding to my taps, so I had to press the I/O button down to shut it off. After shutting it down and Putting it on several times to no avail, I came online and learned about the hard reset which I did but don't know if its working or not. It's not even making the camera snap sound I heard on a Youtube video.

    I am now thinking manually installing an OS offline is the only option left, problem is I don't know how to go about it. Besides, I'm supposing it's may be a software related issue therefore could this method restore the touchscreen function? Since it didn't fall or anything, it just hanged during the wifi connection and now defaults to the Date and Time page with the "swipe left to continue" text below. I have read some threads here and there but have only got more confused since some folks are getting theirs solved not over wifi but through a device wipe and reload, while others are saying dingleberry is the way to go, knowing it is meant for running custom OS, android stuff and rooting which isn't exactly what I need.

    I just want my Playbook touchscreen working and running. Please guys help me out here, I don't know what to do and wouldn't want to do anything I am not so sure of, in order to avoid damaging my poor Playbook the more. Do I need to wipe it? If yes, how do I do that and how do I re-install the OS? Should I go ahead with dingleberry? I have download Dingleberry version 2.1beta . I have download this file here http://www.theiexplorers.com/bb/OSs/... . I remember it was that was there when it used to only default to the wifi page page.
    02-05-14 02:56 AM
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    I would go with find a buddy with a windows machine (I vote for win 7) and install BB Desktop Manager. Then using the Data cable that came with the PB, plug it in to the PC and try the restore that way, make sure you turn of the PB wifi at this time. The PC will be using his hardwired net or his own "stable" wifi for this.

    Keeps us posted..


    02-05-14 09:21 AM
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    Sounds like you might have to go back and pay the repair guy if he has the only decent wifi in the area. The repair must have involved a security wipe back to factory and your PlayBook just needs to go through the initial setup and "update" not so much "reload" the software. There are problems updating if the wifi connection is not very good so I'm not surprised that it froze. I believe that the best way is to update via BBRY's update servers. People were trying to load manually recently when the update servers were down but it didn't work well for them. You don't want to use the DingleBerry because that is for rooting and messing with the bootloader, which is VERY hard with the PlayBook.

    I can't remember how big the update is but it is <<1 gb. Even if he charges per mb shouldn't be alot and it should only take 10-15 minutes of his time.
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    02-05-14 11:16 AM
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    The os is available in the first post here

    You'll need a windows computer with Internet to download it

    Sorry. I didn't read your whole first post, but that's the os installer.
    02-05-14 11:33 AM

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