1. CountyPartTimer's Avatar
    I have about 200 songs but 0 in my Playlist. How do I transfer?
    06-12-12 08:27 PM
  2. info600's Avatar
    You'd have to pick the songs you want via the drop-down menu (it's "edit") and put them into the "playbook Playlist".

    the playbook should be synced with a PC in order for the music to be put in a more proper file hierarchy and have your playlists to be transferred into your playbook as well.

    screenshots in a bit...

    btw: the list icons meant the the song is already in the playbook playlist

    Edit:guess I should put more time into the post...

    Actual steps:
    1. hit "all songs" icon go get your list of songs that are stored on your tablet (assuming you just started the music app)
    2. pull out the drop down menu
    3. click on edit (the one with a pencil)
    4. select the songs to be inputted into the playlist
    5. click on add
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    06-12-12 08:47 PM
  3. CountyPartTimer's Avatar
    I can't get the Add button to come up. It's always greyed out.
    06-12-12 09:14 PM
  4. pacoman03's Avatar
    After you click edit, then tap on a song. The add button should un-grey.
    06-12-12 10:36 PM