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    Hi Playbook enthusiasts,

    I recently revived my old PB and am using it as a PDF reader, which works OK as long as text only and I still have to manually transfer the PDF files from my computer to the PB. However now I'd like to access my Pocket account to read all those articles I find on the web. In the old times I used ReadItNow, the unofficial Pocket client which worked like a charm, however that is apparently discontinued and in any case my ReadItNow account is no longer loading the new articles.

    Logging in to my Pocket account using the internet browser (Origami) doesn't do it either, the login button on the account login page is greyed out (web browsing is obsolescence hell anyway so it's not entirely surprising). I can't think of any other way to access all that content any other way. Sideloading the Pocket app on the PB does not fly, I can't even see the app after it supposedly installed.

    Any clever ideas or workarounds? How do you move reading content across to the PB?

    thanks and have a good day!
    09-22-19 09:23 AM

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