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    Before you answer "go to the Status Bar and swipe diagonally down to the center of the screen" I want to state first that I have not as yet set up my Wi-Fi connection (I just got that today) and get a Blackberry ID.

    I did, however, plug in the charger to PB and after a couple of minutes the red light disappeared and a "Welcome to ..." screen appeared. At that point I assume the battery is fully charged. Am I right?

    One more thing: when the charger was connected to PB for less than 5 minutes, it felt quite warm. Is that normal?
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    When the playbook is turned off, the LED will blink when charging and remain lit green when fully charged.

    I simply charged the playbook for a full 8 hours before turning it on for the first time and going through the setup.

    Based on your description the red light disappeared simply because the playbook was charged just enough to have power to boot up. You can use the playbook for further setup, and once you finish with the setup, you will see the battery icon in the top-right corner. When charging, there's a lightning bolt superimposed over the icon; when fully charged, there's a plug superimposed over the battery icon. Regardless, best to leave it charging for a little while longer to ensure proper full charge.

    Regarding your second question, it's quite normal for it to get warm while charging - electronics at work! Not a good sign if it gets hot, but warm is normal. Also warms up during heavy use and even more so when using it with wifi turned on.
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    Thanks for your response. I sort of suspected that it would require several hours of charging before setting up the PB. So I'll do it early tomorrow morning.
    08-28-12 11:32 PM
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    I find with all my electronics utilizing rechargables of any sort, I don't rush into it but let them charge up overnight and then do set-ups, etc. .... as the majority of manuals read over the years recommend !
    08-28-12 11:40 PM
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    The only reason you'd need to charge the device *fully* or even for several hours is if you wanted to be sure it had lots of charge for actually using it, subsequent to the setup.

    There is no need for Lithium-Polymer batteries to be "charged overnight" or anything special like that prior to first use. The old advice over the years from all those manuals is out of date... it applied to older types of batteries.

    The OS would insist on being charged to a certain level prior to allowing the setup... I believe it's 20% but maybe 30 or 40%. This is merely so that it can be sure you will have enough charge to complete the setup process (which still includes a download and installation of an update, in most cases) without losing power part-way through. (If it did lose power, it might "brick" the device in some fashion, so this is merely to cut down on support calls to RIM, but not to protect the battery itself.)

    If you will leave it plugged into the charger during the setup, you can certainly just set it up immediately as soon as it allows you to, so you shouldn't need to treat it with kid gloves... just use it and don't worry.
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