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    Here are a few things I learned that maybe can go into "Tips N Tricks".

    1) If you want the PB Browser to remember the thumbnail of a website in Bookmarks you have to have "Private Browsing" OFF under the Privacy and Security tab in Browser Settings. Visit the website, bookmark it, then turn "Private Browsing" back ON. Don't clear your History! This drove me nuts forever until I figured it out today. Why the thumbnail has to be tied to Private Browsing or not I don't know, because obviously if you are trying to keep your browsing history private you wouldn't be bookmarking a website would you? Plus, if the Bookmark remains why shouldn't the thumbnail. I'm the only one who uses my PB but I have "Private Browsing" ON just in case. We really should be able to set the thumbnail icon as whatever we want, still be able to have "Private Browsing" ON, and clear our browsing history. Has anybody figured out a clever way to get around this? (I don't jail-break or side-load) Yes, I have, see number two next!

    2) Want to organize your Bookmarks? Put them on your home page then into folders there! The thumbnails are remembered and you can organize them into any number of folders but you can't have sub-folders.

    3) In Blackberry AppWorld when you are looking at the details of an App which has a thumbnail of the App, you can scroll through different screenshots of the App, on many of them, not all. Took me forever to realize that!

    My Details: PB 64Gb x2, OS, WiFi internet through Galaxy S Mobile AP
    06-19-12 11:31 AM
  2. greeneriko's Avatar
    I didn't notice the scrolling screenshots riled recently also........lol
    06-19-12 04:19 PM