08-28-15 01:19 AM
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    first talk to your exchange admin if ActiveSync is enabled from the outside. Second if this is Exchange 2010 then you can't just activate your device on Exchange even if ActiveSync is enabled. Your Exchange Admin has to approved your device on Exchange 2010.
    04-16-12 01:13 PM
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    Instruction for OWA/exchange: you have to be able to access the outlook web app of exchange. and your exchange must be using activesync.

    Setting>Accounts>Add new Account>Email,Calender and contacts>Advanced>Microsoft Exchange Server.

    Description - "Your name or whatever you like"
    Domain - "blahblahblah.com" no prefix
    Username - "your username"
    Email address - "thisismyemail@ishouldknowthis.com"
    Password - "your password"
    Server address - mail.example.com "no http/https or /owa such and such

    click continue.

    Now the playbook will auto sync contacts and calender as well as email.
    toggle the switches to what you like to sync. as well as sync timeframe.

    Hope that helps
    I use this setup, with the exception that on e-mail I put "mail.companyname.webhosting company.com" and I get the message "Account "company name" - user@companyname.com" failed testing with current settings.

    My company uses a webhosting service for exchange, how do I have to set up the accounts settings in PlayBook in order for it to sync with exchange.

    My server address to access OWA is "companyname.hostingcompany.com/exchange".

    We use Exchange 2003 SBA in the server.

    I'll appreciate the help.
    05-08-12 06:05 PM
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    My IT department has me synced using our VPN connection. I pretty much have to turn on the VPN connection on my PlayBook that they setup and then I open my email and calendar and everything syncs. That is of course after setting up my exchange email account on the PlayBook. I like using the VPN connection because I can than use the Remote Desktop app to access my office PC to access files and work applications and do my emailing natively on the PlayBook....
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    Thank you very much , this resolved the issue now my z30 exchange server is working
    08-28-15 01:19 AM
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