1. Remian8985's Avatar
    I can access the root directory from various file managers in playbook.

    However, I would also be able to do this from my computer. I have blackberry device manger installed. In the mounted Z: drive, I can't go up the /accounts/1000/shared directory. Can anyone tell me how to do that?

    How to access root directory in playbook from computer?-blackberry.jpg
    09-04-13 11:22 PM
  2. pacoman03's Avatar
    I don't think it can be done. Why do you want or need to do this anyway, since there's not much you could do even if you could access it?
    09-04-13 11:29 PM
  3. Remian8985's Avatar
    Was trying to access the Android files. Now I just remembered they can also be accessed from the misc folder. LOL, so dumb!

    How to close this stupid and useless thread?
    09-04-13 11:40 PM

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