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    Wanted a Playbook Charging Stand for ever so long. The 3 pin magnetic coupler is the way to go, what with the inherent USB strain potential and problems we have read about. But at $69.99 + 13% HST here in Canada I've been holding back.)
    I use the PB USB charger for the 9790 stand. (The phone has a bottom socket and must be slightly oversize as the phone simply drops into the stand with no binding.

    Three times the PB charger stand has come up as Deal of the Day...and available at Crackberry.ca store (not all DODs are) but by the time I discovered it they were always sold out.
    Yesterday morning I spotted it on the playbook at work and jumped on it, adding another item for the 9790 to bump the total over $50, meaning free shipping.

    What triggered all this refining of my game-changing home improvements?
    A few weeks ago a big white marshmallow box was put up on the utility pole directly in front of my house - another piece of Stratford's emerging City-wide wireless network.
    For $35 a month including HST I am now enjoying capless unlimited access at a minimum 8-10 mbps up and down. (Bell Sympatico is being fired next week and cancelling the landline for an OOMA is in the works.)

    Rhyzome Networks - Fibre Optic, Municipal Wi-Fi, Connectivity for Communities
    Switch WiFi launches city-wide residential and mobile Wi-Fi services in Stratford, Ontario Canada

    With 3 playbooks one has become dedicated to HDMI to the big screen for TV & movie watching and surfing of course, controlled from the couch by a bluetooth mouse or the PB keyboard.
    Without a charger I was running the battery down and the HDMI cable sticks out exposed to whatever accidental strain happens during manipulation or Cat lounging. I prefer a neat and tidy installation.

    So anyway, now I'll have a good looking dedicated stand beside the Boxee Box (Rogers Cable was fired last week) and I will be modifying in a micro HDMI short cable to exit the backside. I am leery of constantly wiggling USBs and micro HDMI plugs on those PB sockets.

    Yes, a short suitable micro HDMI dongle is available from the Chinalands (the problem with USA mail order to Canada is the Customs Duty crap and pick-up as I never seem to be home). I have slow ordered several accessory things direct from China over the years and they pass through Vancouver with no duties or extra handling charges, direct to my doorstep while I'm at work. Sure, it might take 2-3 weeks but you get what you want and shipping is mostly always free.


    Several vendors are listed but all appear to be the same manufacture. If it is slightly too large for the base I'll trim off the excess plastic and put some feet on the base.
    With a 10mm dongle and some judicious dremeling I'll be able to imbed the dongle into the base exiting the rear, detach and use the stand as a stand whenever needed.

    Perfect. So a big Thankyou out to Crackberry.ca for making yet another Old Davy project reasonable and do-able.

    This is one multi-connection accessory that RIM should have made for Playbook users from the outset.

    Also from Chinalands is available a PB charging stand that uses the USB, rather than the magnetic, for a slower but steady power supply and I considered this but again, there is no micro HDMI so I figured, stick with OEM.

    Just a note - all my chargers & power cables for every media device in my house are on powerbars - I like to think I am saving a few pennies in hydro drain...and since I no longer have to retain programing or time/date on the TV tuner & recorders, well...
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    06-16-12 09:50 AM
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    Let me know how it all turns out
    06-16-12 09:56 AM
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    Yep, Deal of the Day rocks!

    I'm going to share your forum thread here with our e-commerce teams... they always love hearing from happy customers.
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    06-16-12 09:59 AM
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    You will really like the PB charging dock. My dock was delivered Tuesday, charges my Playbook unbelievably fast plus its a nice 'man ornament'.

    Soon after I bought Antair night stand from App World as it has the best looking flip clock I could find. They both go well.
    06-16-12 10:32 AM
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    Project update.

    Rapid charge pod stand arrived in 2 days; just what I expected. Heavy weight with a full sticky rubber base pad. Naturally I had to open it up and then reality set in...
    As I said, my goal is to have a dedicated charging stand by the big screen with HDMI out as well.
    Inside though, RIM decided to block any potential to add either a micro USB or more desirable, a micro HDMI connecter.
    As pic #1 shows, the high efficiency circuits take up all the space and a separate suspended 3 pin contact floats on hairsprings. This I could have gotten around to install a floating right angle HDMI dongle exiting the back.
    But as you see, RIM engineered an extended tab on the circuit board beside the magnetic contact pad as well as an un-defeatable cast iron weight that functions as a massive heat sink...in the exact spot the HDMI must go.
    It is an excellent OEM charging stand but offers only the one function.
    Ah well, the pod will do good duty on the work desk while I achieve option #2 for the home.

    About 4 months ago you could ebay and order a similar shaped USB Playbook efter-market stand from The Chinas for about CN$6-10 + free shipping. I always like the idea of this the small diameter cord and low power constant slow charge at the TV while accessing the HDMI, as envisioned. As you can see the micro usb socket is mounted flush to the backside.

    A google search last night showed this type aftermarket charger to be no longer available from an eBay vendor who had served me so well in the past...for love nor money...
    I suspect RIM shut 'em down...
    This stand can not be found anywhere in the USA, eBay or otherwise, anymore, either.

    Oh, I found all manner of other micro USB charge/data stands for a playbook but they just look silly to my eye; too large, too tawdry, too ambitiously technoid or too "fruity".

    Deeper googling, however, found this desired USB charger stand at of all places, a Toronto Cellphone store (in a Hairdressing Shop)...for $20. Ordered immediately, as well as a $30 battery for the 9790 bringing order to $50 and free shipping. Order confirmed as shipped out today.

    Woohoo! I'll soon have the straight-through USB base stand similar to the official dock but with the option for charging & data exchange and since there's likely nothing else electronic in the base except a weight of some kind there will surely be room to install the HDMI floating dongle nicely alongside with the out socket flush to the rear edge. Makes the aftermarket stand that much more portable and useful to my purpose, static or connected to the most desirable ports.

    Here's the pictures and some urls that explain the concept. I'll report back when the device is constructed.

    Black USB Charger Dock Cradle Station Stand For Blackberry Playbook

    USB Data/Charging Dock Cradle for Blackberry PlayBook - Black - Free Shipping - DealExtreme

    Perch stand for the BlackBerry Playbook
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    Wouldn't it be easier to use the rapid travel charger and construct a stand (rack) to elevate the PB enough to have access to all three ports from the back? I don't see that the charging dock is such a hot deal as it costs more than rapid travel charger and is less versatile.
    06-23-12 07:25 PM
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    Sure, it would be easier. Where's the challenge to excel in that?

    I already pointed out why the OEM magnetic dock is not ideal for the asking price, with only one function for a superb device with three bottom open ports.
    When one is going for an elegant OEM low profile look, has the time and the skills...why not push the envelope? I already have the Rapid Travel Charger with the magnetic coupler head but as I stated, I've switched gears for a USB data & power port with HDMI right angle dongle.

    Today's latest find: A LEFT ANGLE MICRO HDMI dongle!!!

    Best solution yet - it will direct the cable away from the USB.
    Ordered two. I mean geez, at these prices...

    Left angle micro hdmi cable, angled micro hdmi to HDMI A female adapter cable | eBay

    I merely offer this thread and information and sources for that one other person who feels stymied at smoothly & stylishly integrating their Playbook into their media center.
    I realize this obsessive quest for the perfect stand is not everyone's cuppa java.

    true Blackberrians don't just dream & whine..we do.
    06-23-12 11:16 PM
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    I've raised this issue before - Other than the magnetic charger port, the other ports (usb/hdmi) seem somewhat fragile. Trying to create a dock with the appropriate tolerances to not place undue strain on the hdmi port while allowing good contact with the magnetic socket might not be easy to achieve.

    That left angle hdmi seems a nice compromise for two cables - I wonder who else might sell them. Monoprice.com usually has all manner of cables and connectors. Of course, my issue is that I have mine in an Otterbox and so the non-dock rapid charger does not seat properly if I run the cable off to the right and I have a feeling I'd have the same issue running an hdmi cable off to the left.
    06-23-12 11:54 PM
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    Thanks for the input, F2.
    I too am very cautious about any long term strain on the USB & HDMI sockets. So I think it important that the base connectors be 'floating', not rigidly attached to the base plate.

    A left facing HDMI and right facing USB cable helps address that issue.

    As with the charge dock for the 9790, the plug is slightly undersize and the phone simply drops down under it's own weight...with no 'push-in' required. A bit of dremel micro polishing on the base USB jacket will do the trick. HDMI will get the same jacket reduction.
    I chose the OEM-like base for the obvious reason - it has a front lip and tall support in back to keep the PB firmly seated in the base slot. (those other USB stands secure and locate the PB by USB plug alone, a big no-no)

    And of course, I want to imbed the dongles inside the base exiting the rear. NO Loose unsightly cable clutter.
    06-24-12 07:17 AM
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    Well, it sounds like you have your project specs all planned out. Have fun.
    06-24-12 08:52 AM