1. chiefbroski's Avatar
    I've noticed that both my Playbook and Storm wall chargers emit a high-pitched sound when plugged into an outlet ONLY when they are NOT plugged into a device. As soon as I plug my phone or Playbook into them, the noise goes away.

    It's annoying as I like to leave chargers plugged into the wall near my bed or near my desk at all times. Has anyone else noticed this problem and if there is a solution that doesn't involve switching off the outlet or unplugging the charger? Thanks.
    09-09-11 11:13 PM
  2. nickdalzell1's Avatar
    High pitched whines indicate a shorted transformer usually and a power brick is a transformer (converts 110VAC to DC used by your Playbook) and should not be making ANY noise whether under load or not

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    09-10-11 12:27 AM