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    So here I was, a newbie to crackberry.com, a little confused and wondering, "hrrm. why come all these people bashing playbook at site called 'crackberry.com'? WHY COME??"
    Then it dawned on me that this is just one affiliate site of an umbrella site called Mobile Nation (hence the links at the top omnius you dough-head! derp) So I can only guess we must get a lot of visitors from TiPb here. Come on in and have a coffee on us guys, be welcome, we understand your curiosity about the Playbook. We really do

    PS: I don't want our friends at Android Central to feel like I'm snubbing them. It's just that if you are here, you seem to be keeping a reserved profile, so it wasn't as noticeable as our friends at TiPb
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    12-24-11 10:27 AM
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    The AC guys are just trying to conserve battery
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    12-24-11 03:42 PM
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    The way I see it, CB is like the hottest club in town. It was so popular, they decided to expand it with these specialized party rooms. Although they attract a small crowd, most people still want to stay at the big party...
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    12-24-11 03:49 PM
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    The most I see from rival sites and forums that I mod on, just cheer as soon as they hear RIM make a mistake even one calling me out with a well balanced review of the PB and how it compares to the iPad.

    The PB handles so many more media formats that it does, in fact, bring a true desktop class web browser with a full feature set including access to the PB file system.

    The PlayBook's major issue is with it's keyboard with no help on auto punctuation and live spell checking on the fly. If RIM gave the keyboard these features, it would be a huge help for many PB owners.

    That being said, the PB is still a very new device with a robust set of features, but missing some trivial features (such as the keyboard and a small variety of apps in stark comparison)

    To it's advantages, is plenty of RAM and some games running side by side show a huge leap in visuals on the PB, but to get some real hardware crushing apps to push the little 7" tablet remain yet to be seen. Such examples would be games running on the Unreal Engine 3 (Infinity Blade and it's sequel, Dark Meadow, and other games using different engines such as the visually amazing ShadowGun). I did do some side by side comparisons with Dead Space and a few other games from EA and Gameloft. As a whole, there is no clear cut winner overall in gaming.

    It can't be denied that the iPad is the mainstream tablet but like my 'Berry Bold 9700, the PlayBook is hard to put down. Both tablets have their advantages and disadvantages as an iPad has no document editor out of the box and is rumored for a much higher resolution display which is why I kept my first generation model.

    Computers on the other hand are a whole different cup of tea.
    12-24-11 04:45 PM
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    If the 32 gig model of both sold at $250 and you could buy only one, truthfully which would you pick?

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    12-25-11 05:53 AM
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    If the 32 gig model of both sold at $250 and you could buy only one, truthfully which would you pick?

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    If I could afford it.............I would probably buy both just so I could see what is so wonderful about the ipad. Love my playbook so can't imagine anything better.
    12-25-11 06:33 AM
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    Nothing personal, but that question is only going to start another long PB vs iPad thread.
    12-25-11 06:48 AM