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    For all you young'uns, that's the tag line from an iconic ad for Life Cereal from the 70's (or early 80's)

    Well, after months of cajoling, I finally got my 78 year old father to buy a Playbook. I live in Mexico, and told him that if he didn't like it, I would buy it off him next time I flew North. My reasoning was that at $99 from Staples, I could use this one as a paperweight until my old one wore out. I finally conviced him that, he too could be cool, just like his two sons, who Video Chat back and forth all the time.

    I was nervous, as I remembered back to my introducing him to the iPod a few years earlier. He eventually got it, but I had to demonstrate to him numerous time in the months following that it wasn't 'broken', and that he was using it incorrectly. Anyhow....the first few hours were....difficult. As an exercise in patience, try explaining, over the phone, the hand gestures of a Playbook to someone in their eighth decade on this planet. After a few calls back and forth, I kinda admitted defeat. What was easy for me....not so much for him.

    Then, this morning, going about my business....my Playbook rings! It's dad! He figured it all out on his own....even including video calling. Over the next 30 minutes, I received a synopsis of his three days worth of experience on the device. He loves it! He really does! He and mom discovered Tetris. He figured out how to 'favorite' his most read newspapers. He even bridged it to his old 9300! Mom's having fun with AppWorld, and is pondering the purchase of one just for her.

    Anyhow....just thought I'd share. Although for RIM's sake it's too bad they had to lower the price to $99, it sure has got a few almost octogenarians excited!
    09-15-12 08:37 PM
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    Nice to hear. Great you can now video chat with your mom and dad.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.
    09-15-12 09:24 PM
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    Great story kc.

    And great choice in beer bungaboy.
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    09-15-12 09:31 PM
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    had the same experience with my parents. i purchased it for them and my father thinks he needs to "fix it" all the time. they're internet sucks so video chat is not good. last week he was going into surgery. i got a call on my pb and low and behold it was dad and the chat was awesome. i think that he realized there is nothing wrong with the pb, just let the game come to him. good story op.

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    09-15-12 09:34 PM
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    I do find that the Playbook is pretty friendly once you learn how to swipe around a bit..

    Btw.. suggest "Cooklet" for your mom if she does cooking..
    09-15-12 09:57 PM
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    Good story op.

    I have been thinking of getting a Playbook for my dad; but video chat cannot be the only reason. He does not watch movies, nor does he play games. He reads magazines for the hobby he has. Here is to hoping that Zino has the magazines he reads.
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    09-16-12 09:02 AM
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    You gave me hope that I should get one for my Mom, who's the same age as your dad. I took my Playbook instead of my laptop when I went. to visit her over the New Year holiday. She's been talking about it ever since. Now I admit that my mom is not very technically proficient. I got her a basic cell phone. And needs a lot of help with using her computer -- not easy when she's on the West coast and I'm back East. I'm thinking that the Playbook would make it easier for her to keep connected to the Web and Facebook so she can keep up with the grandkids.

    Hey...might be a good excuse to upgrade to a 32, and send mom the 16?
    09-16-12 10:14 AM
  8. BlazorBoy's Avatar
    This eighth decader had no problems figuring it out on his own. Good to see that not all kids are rotten ungrateful twits --- jk boys! -)
    09-17-12 02:22 PM
  9. SeekerBerry's Avatar
    Maybe I can offer my PlayBook to my dad too and get a 64GB model for me? He does have trouble using his notebook, so a tablet might help?
    09-17-12 03:11 PM