1. Diane Newman's Avatar
    I hope someone can help - I'm officially an *****!!! I have just sold my sons Blackberry playbook without doing a factory reset (I thought he had done it and he thought I had), the playbook was totally out of charge when we sold it so neither of us were able to or thought to check before we handed it over - hindsight is a wonderful thing. I have thought about the things that are on the device and other than music, a few photos, games and app's (Facebook) I cannot think clearly enough of the implications of this. I have changed the Blackberry ID password, Facebook password but would like to know what else I can do to hopefully secure any data that is on the device. I only realised when the lady messaged me asking for the password to unlock the screen - I stupidly gave her it as I thought that password was only a screen lock and not actually one that would let her get into anything else. The lady that bought it from us did say that she would do a factory reset herself when i contacted her later. Thanks in anticipation - one stupid lady!!!! Please be gentle with me!!
    09-22-13 03:34 AM
  2. Xev's Avatar
    If you had Blackberry Protect on, you can go to http://protect.blackberry.com. You can delete all data this way.
    09-22-13 03:41 AM
  3. Diane Newman's Avatar
    Thanks but I've checked Blackberry Protect and the device did not have it. :-(
    09-22-13 03:45 AM
  4. anon(4067838)'s Avatar
    If you contact blackberry playbook support I think that they can wipe it from their end. Worth a try, good luck!!!
    09-22-13 04:42 AM
  5. cbvinh's Avatar
    Since you sold it, the other person probably wants to personalize the PlayBook for herself. If your PlayBook was stolen, then the other person may be after more nefarious things...

    I think you took all the right steps in changing the passwords and can relax.
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    09-22-13 05:47 AM
  6. FF22's Avatar
    Anyway to contact the purchaser and lead them through a Security Wipe? As noted, changing your passwords for accounts is a good idea. The bbid could be an issue but you also changed that. The pb is pretty much standalone - you canNOT get to it remotely. And while BB can kill access to OS upgrades, etc, you don't want to do that to a legitimate purchaser.
    09-22-13 11:47 AM

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