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    Hi guys,
    Ever since my desktop software upgraded to V7.1, playbook wont connect. I am running windows xp sp3, and latest playbook OS. Have spent the whole day trying to sort it out and on the phone to playbook tech support 3 times (total of over 6 hours) and still no joy. I have uninstalled and reinstalled desktop software several times (on two different computers) and have two playbooks that do the same (not connecting) and have tried several usb cables including a brand new genuine playbook cable so I can safely rule out those. Managed to get it to show up in desktop after letting it sit for about 10-15 minutes but cannot access files or sync anything, it says problem connecting to device. Hit "retry" several times and when that didn't work it suggested updating device which I did and lost all data. I have done a security wipe on playbook several times and after going through setup procedure it goes to update to latest OS over wifi connection, gets halfway thru and then stops update OS, tried to skip update and the only app on the home screen is the internet browser. It shows an update is available but when I check the OS version it says it is on the latest ( did manage to restore it from a backup file but it did not restore pics, music, documents, contacts or email settings (back up file was 14.9GB so what the **** did it save/restore??? It also says update available but it already is installed Seems something has corrupted the OS and a wipe won't fix it. I even found V6 desktop manager download on internet but this did not fix it. It is running "device manager V7" which the playbook installs to desktop when it is plugged in and I think this may be the cause as I had not connected to desktop since the last time playbook was updated???? I have a Bold 9780 that now wont connect either, it wants to update that(wipe it all) as well. Firewall has been disabled so it's not that either. What the F... is going on? Please help as no one at RIM seems to know what to do.
    01-20-13 05:47 AM
  2. taz323's Avatar
    What version of desktop software are you using, had similar issue with windows 8, and refresh deleted out desktop manager, and after 4 hours on the phone with RIM (they do have the best customer service ) we were still unable to get PB's to connect.
    Ended up having to use wifi to transfer files which works really well.
    01-20-13 07:55 AM
  3. swbeveridge's Avatar
    Try turning off both bluetooth and wifi before you connect - mine is flaky that way...
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    01-20-13 11:28 AM
  4. macethedon's Avatar
    Turn on development mode
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    01-20-13 12:14 PM
  5. anon(4067838)'s Avatar
    Thanks for the replies guys. Taz323 as mentioned am running windows xp sp3 on two computers. Yes they do have good customer service and are very patient but it should have been resolved. I always used to transfer over wifi as this was quick and easy but I wanted to wipe an old Bold 9000 phone and this is when desktop manager upgraded.
    When I connected playbook it is when trouble started. I have finally managed to get playbook on latest OS and update notifications have finally disappeared (I did the update thru desktop manager) and did another restore but only settings restored, had to manually setup emails again. I wanted to use the manager to sync my songs from itunes as I have over five hundred songs on a "playbook" playlist and would just sync that list rather than dragging individual songs over wifi.
    Swbeveridge and macethedon, will try your suggestions but never had to before desktop manager updated. As for backup/restore why bother doing a full backup if songs/pics/apps aren't reloaded????
    I love my playbook to death but these issues need fixing RIM!!!
    Have checked numerous forums and this seems to be a problem for many others as well.
    Thanks heaps for your replies, it is much appreciated guys.
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    01-20-13 01:53 PM
  6. anon(4067838)'s Avatar
    swbeveridge, you were spot on!!! It is actually a wifi conflict with desktop manager V7 and is a known fault to RIM who are now working to resolve. Connects fine with wifi turned off and connects in about ten seconds instead of ten minutes,(bluetooth has no effect) and will sync ok. Funny that four of the tech supports I spoke to didnt know about it. Thanks you legend!!!
    01-21-13 04:49 AM
  7. FF22's Avatar
    I am going to give this backup crap another go! I've turned off both wifi and bt. It did not work almost immediately after a Security Wipe but I probably did not turn those off. Suggested time for the 6gb is about 30 minutes. We shall see...

    Hope I don't jinx this - 5.02gigs backed up so far....

    YEAH! Completed for the 1st time in, well, year if not years.
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    01-21-13 09:16 AM
  8. anon(4067838)'s Avatar
    Well done F2, try turning off just wifi, after spending hours on phone AGAIN today to RIM he confirmed this is a "little" known fault that they are working on to resolve. Hopefully when BB10 is released and they update desktop manager it will be resolved
    01-21-13 02:23 PM
  9. anon(4067838)'s Avatar
    Well after over 9 hours on phone to RIM and 5 or 6 tech supports, I am still having problems connecting and keeps saying update is available even though it is on latest OS they have come to conclusion my precious playbook is F.....d!! I need to send in for repair as it has software issues that cannot be resolved over phone.
    If anyone is having trouble connecting to latest desktop manager (V7) it may take up to 10 minutes, turn wifi off and try again. Do not hit the update button or you will be in the same shirt as me. Hope this post will help others
    01-21-13 02:32 PM
  10. FF22's Avatar
    Good luck, Ozfork.

    Do they repair downunder or do you, too, have to ship to Tennessee? (g)
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    01-21-13 03:24 PM
  11. anon(4067838)'s Avatar
    Hi F2,
    Yes they repair in Oz, in fact the repair centre is in Sydney about 1 hours drive from me. They send out a return post paid box for me to put it in and estimate a 5 to 7 day turnaround. Lucky I still have my older 16gb playbook to use in the meantime. Hopefully will have my 64gb one back by Jan 30 eh???
    01-22-13 03:51 AM
  12. FF22's Avatar
    Well, I hope you get it back sooner rather than later but I don't think Jan 30 will offer the pb much change unless Rim pulls off a shocker.
    01-22-13 09:23 AM
  13. swbeveridge's Avatar
    Im actually only a legend in my own mind.
    01-31-13 07:43 PM

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