1. Balti43's Avatar
    So i leave my playbook in my car all the time. i use it as my stereo because of the AUX on my stereo, anyway the other day when the OS became available i downloaded it but only step one because i had to go to work. well later that night the headphone jack just started malfunctioning. and you know when headphones start malfunctioning and only the left side works unless you mess with the wire? well thats what happen and i went to go but a new AUX cable thinking it was the wire but smart like i am i forgot to test it on my phone to see if it was the same problem but no its my playbook. is there anywhere i can get it sent to get it fixed? like I'm used to having apple products and getting them fixed at the apple store. now with the Blackberry there really isn't a blackberry store here in Tucson Arizona. Help?!
    12-22-12 01:44 AM
  2. Xopher's Avatar
    It probably is a coincidence that it happened when you went to update, but have you tried to wipe and reload the OS? (make a backup first) If it was the update that broke it, you should be able to tell by reloading.

    The other thing to try is a full power-down reboot. Shut it off for a few minutes (make sure the screen goes completely black).
    12-22-12 08:20 AM
  3. Chaddface's Avatar
    Its not software if it works when you mess with the wire. There are springloaded contacts in there that could be stuck or dirty. Short of taking the PB apart you could try plugging and unplugging the cord multiple times.
    RIM offrered to fix the power button on my PB past the one year warranty. I don't know how long you have had the PB but it may be worth a call.
    12-22-12 09:30 AM
  4. FF22's Avatar
    I also suggest plugging and unplugging a headphone a number of times to see if it begins working again.

    There are few if any walk-in service centers for bb items.

    The PB has a one year warranty to the original purchaser. It also has 90 free Tech support. I do not know how Rim deals with "quasi-tech support v. warranty"

    Rim Support
    Canada Toll Free: 1-877-644-8405
    United States Toll Free: 1-877-644-8410
    Puerto Rico Toll Free: 1-855-651-4936
    Email: playbooksupport@blackberry.com (this route generally does not work and a call is necessary)

    (UK Support) 0800 096 2805

    Playbook French Support
    Phone : 0800 914 533 (within 90 days from activation)
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    12-22-12 10:08 AM
  5. gwinegarden's Avatar
    Last night, I discovered that my jack no longer works, at all. It may be a coincidence, but the last time I used it was before the update.
    12-22-12 11:02 AM
  6. FF22's Avatar
    I have a feeling that headphone jacks are one of the most fail-prone aspects of may video/audio devices. I guess it is in the nature of their spring tensioning/switching mechanism - that they tend to malfunction either not sending a signal out the jack or the spring(s) not closing after a plug is removed. Also, sometimes folks fail to fully insert the plug thereby making partial or no contact with those "rings" on the plug.
    12-22-12 12:52 PM
  7. Balti43's Avatar
    Well I called and tomorrow they're going to troubleshoot the problem and see if it's a software issue I'll keep you guys posted thanks for the help!!! Really appreciate it
    12-22-12 08:21 PM

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