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    I am having the devil of a time trying to figure out how to use Contacts. I understand that, effective with V2.0, I can set up a contact, then configure it to open various social sites so that I can be up-to-date on the contact's latest information.

    1. I set up a contact - name, address, company and so on, then I click the icon 2nd from the top - some kind of individual with a voice wave coming out the right side. That throws up this impossible-to-understand message:

    "In order to see recent status, this contact must have an account on LInkedIn, Twitter....etc." but absolutely no clue as to how to do that.

    2. So I go looking for Help - there is no help button, no help information.

    3. So next I edit the profile and find a button titled "[Add Field]". Clicking that reveals a field named "Social Account", so I select and add it to the main profile.

    4. I figure I'm on to something now - but to my dismay, it shows a text box and a drop down where I can select a social site, but again, no clue as to what I'm supposed to do.

    Obviously, no one would release a product that is both this unintuitive as well as without any guide or help, so I know I'm seriously missing something.

    5. I enter a URL to Twitter and save. Sure enough, it now shows on the profile. But, alas, it's not a link - if I tap it, nada.

    6. So I'm on a roll now... I go back to editing and add another "Social Account" - this time a LinkedIn account. Well, that didn't go well at all. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do, so I end up with a ridiculously long URL that requires me to log into LinkedIn first...

    So I gave up. I'm doing something really wrong here.

    The biggest issue I have is that I don't understand what it's supposed to do. I read some review somewhere that said I could pull in my email accounts and magically Contacts will set up social links, etc. etc. but that's not what I want to do.

    All I want to do is set up a contact, then add some social links...

    Is there anyone can point me to instructions on how to add various social sites to the profile.

    I see that Gist.com is apparently the source of the new social integration, and screenshots of that product indicate some interesting data pulls from social sites. I assume that functionality is part of the Contacts app in Playbook but, again, there is nothing to guide me through this.

    Thanks in advance

    Update: I found Help, but it's of no help at all. All it does is tell me to press icons. For example, to View status messages from social apps, like Twitter, it says to tap the person with the voice wave icon. Well, I did that and it still gave the exact same message I cited above, even though I set up 2 social sites for the profile...
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    *YOU* need a Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin Account. You need to setup your account on your PB in order to access other people's status.

    If you add your account, all of your contacts for that service should appear as contacts. If you see more than one for the same person and it's their twitter, FB, or Linkedin, you can then use the Link button to merge them together.
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    *YOU* need a Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin Account. You need to setup your account on your PB in order to access other people's status.

    If you add your account, all of your contacts for that service should appear as contacts. If you see more than one for the same person and it's their twitter, FB, or Linkedin, you can then use the Link button to merge them together.
    And the PB will try to merge the contacts, if it notices they have the same name and email. But ONLY if the names are identical. I would rather have it by identical emails...
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    I fully understand that, to bring up a social site, I need to be logged in. But, again, that's not the issue. The issue is that, after setting up 2 social sites, I am unable to tap on either and have a web page displayed as a result.

    Typically, tapping a link like that would bring up a web page. If I'm logged in, it will display the linked profile right away. If I'm not logged in, it will ask for my login info, then it will display the linked profile.

    I think you misunderstand. I don't want to have "... all of your contacts for that service ... appear as contacts."

    I want to control which accounts I add, and I want to do that in what would be the normal manner: create a profile, add social sites that are clickable, save...

    Can you explain how I can do the above? It's standard anywhere else (any CRM that's worth its salt has links for social sites), so I assume it's also standard on PB Contacts.

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    No you don't understand. You have to add your facebook / linkin / twitter account first via settings, not just log in.

    Swipe down from corner bezel and select settings
    On the left pane select accounts
    On the bottom right select 'add new account'
    Select whatever account you want to add
    Plug in account details and click save

    Once all your accounts are created and saved the PB will start pulling all the relative info off the web for those accounts that have a matching name (as someone already mentioned). After it's done all that, you can go back and edit whatever contact you want in the contact interface (delete in your case) - just make sure you disable sync so the PB does not automatically update all over again. The PB interface is different in that all social accounts are routed through a hub (your messaging interface) so there is no need for you to 'click' to open another application to view updates.
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    Well..... that was certainly an experience I never want to go through again. Although I have a couple of Twitter accounts, I set up the least-traffic'd one. All went well until I went back to Contacts, then all h*ll broke loose!

    I didn't count them, but I'd estimate well over a thousand contacts made themselves at home, 99% of them totally foreign to, or unwanted by me.

    First, thanks for giving me the steps. Nowhere in any of the literature or "help" did I find this information (that's sad, IMO). At least I have had a bit of computer experience. I pity the poor soul who's had little.

    When I clicked on a few of these "contacts", they displayed basically nothing but a few fields. Nothing of value to me.

    Then I went to "messages" and the you-know-what hit the fan there - hundreds upon hundreds of "messages". I suppose they are retweets or some such thing, but all of them absolutely valueless to me.

    Then the pondering: how the h*ll do I get rid of all this crap?

    Unsure of where my confidential username and password setup is being stored, I started (and, fortunately, ended there) by deleting the Twitter account.

    Presto...everything vanished. I was back to the 3 accounts I had set up earlier (and which had given rise to this thread).

    This all raises some interesting points, like what if I wanted to keep a couple of those accounts, but changed my Twitter address or deleted the Twitter setup? Don't know...

    How do I go about setting up an account that isn't linked to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, but still has URLs into those social sites? This was my original problem (which still isn't answered)... don't know.

    How do I import a CSV or MSAccess file to set up accounts? .... don't know.

    Contacts, to me, are business contacts and connections. There are a few dozen that I want on my PB, along with a few friends. The rest of it is unnecessary and, I suspect, many people are like that.

    I add my business connections and contacts in my other devices in the usual manner - either by bulk import, paste, parse and post, or direct entry. Pulling them in automatically from some social site may be all fine and well for some, but certainly not for me. A particularly diabolic part of that process is that it doesn't allow me to view the incoming list and delete the ones I don't want in my contacts, nor does it give me a row-based preview that I can quickly run through to make changes.

    BTW, after the contacts appeared, I also couldn't find a way to bulk delete them, or even delete single profiles easily...

    And it looks like Contacts itself doesn't come close to meeting those basic needs.

    Perhaps the real release - whenever that is - will be a bit more proficient in the help department, a little less drastic in whipping over useless profiles and little more functional in enabling users to set up contacts in the style to which we've become accustomed.

    Thanks for the guidance
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    Glad to help. To answer your questions:

    If you change your twiiter address, then change it in the account settings - simple as that. It is linked to what you add on the twitter site. Create another twitter account and only add the ones you want and set that one up on the PB, or delete the ones you don't want on the twitter website. It will auto sync.

    If you want clickable urls, edit the contact and select add a website field to that specific contact and click away. It will open in the browser when the contact is viewed and url touched.

    I have contacts from hotmail, gmail, and corporate exchange. All imported fine just by adding the email. Easiest way for phone contacts is to go to your pc, export to csv (or whatever) and import into google gmail (or whatever web based email you have) and add the email account and it will automatically sync. Done.

    To delete select the contact and click edit (pen looking icon on left side) and select the garbage can in the bottom right corner. Or do a bulk delete in the web based interface using a browser. It should delete and sync because those contacts are not found locally on the PB. When a change is made online I will auto update on the PlayBook.

    FYI. I don't have facebook, twitter, or linkin. And I get by fine with the contacts application - my basic needs are met. Even exceeded, considering I didn't expect the app to pull my gmail contact pics as well. Also, the fact that I can easily search my global address list in exchange corp. email, without even going to the email app but within the contacts interface, is a plus.
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    I see and I agree, I have close to a thousand contacts with Twitter and LinkedIn alone. There does not appear to be an option not to synch the contacts like in the email settings. So adding in your twitter account adds *everyone* you're following.

    Slightly different than your case, I have many friends mixed in with business only and I'd prefer to see my friends. Too bad there's no "category field". I've toyed with the idea of having another twitter account and just follow my preferred list and use that one in my contacts. The full twitter app would use the other one.
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    I see and I agree, I have close to a thousand contacts with Twitter and LinkedIn alone. There does not appear to be an option not to synch the contacts like in the email settings. So adding in your twitter account adds *everyone* you're following.

    Slightly different than your case, I have many friends mixed in with business only and I'd prefer to see my friends. Too bad there's no "category field". I've toyed with the idea of having another twitter account and just follow my preferred list and use that one in my contacts. The full twitter app would use the other one.
    Heh, I was lucky on that bit... I only follow very specific people, and most are real contacts, so my 114 twitter contacts pretty much merged with gmail/linkedin ones.

    I'm against add/follow everybody and everyone. Keep it to people you actually deal with. That's me.
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    Quite a few of my contacts use different email addresses for different services, such as a work addy for Linkedin, and a personal one for twitter, so I had to manually link them together.
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    Quite a few of my contacts use different email addresses for different services, such as a work addy for Linkedin, and a personal one for twitter, so I had to manually link them together.
    I didn't say I was free of such painful job... :/ I follow half of RIM's twitter accounts, for one.
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    @diegonei, @saudadeii

    Thanks for the affirmation... I'm concerned that, if they are going to stick with this approach to Contacts when BB10 is released, it's going to turn a lot of people off.

    I've done some research, and the approach comes from Gist.com (a company bought by RIM last year), as I understand it, and involves providing your credentials to RIM so that their programs can pull data from various sources both on demand and via periodic data-gathering sessions where the results are stored in a RIM-controlled database somewhere. I understand that, in the incarnation as Gist, they built a huge database based on the login information everyone provided. That enabled the product to access anything on anybody, since they had the credentials to automatically log into the sources and pull back information.

    Essentially, they are your authorized proxy to access that information.

    Of course, they apparently didn't distribute any of that information to any user who didn't have the authority to receive it. But I also understand that it would even set up contact links to people you cc'd on emails, and (unconfirmed) then deliver back to you all the social information on those people when you viewed their profiles. I'm not sure how that works, since there's obviously a question of them being "friended" or linked in the target social apps, and therefore only available to you if they have authorized you (excluding public information, of course).

    In fact, whether they store your confidential credentials permanently on their own servers, or get them on-call when you open a profile is irrelevant. They still have to have those credentials to pull back the information. If they don't store them, they at minimum still have the opportunity to do so, without your knowledge.

    I still haven't absolutely confirmed that, but apparently Gist did behind-the-scenes data gathering to keep everything up-to-date within the last 24 hours, so it's likely that they do, in fact, store your credentials and use them during that data-gathering process.

    As an idea, it's very clever and appealing: bring in all your contacts and connections so that you have everything on everybody at your fingertips. Personally, I don't have time to go through all that. I prefer to selectively view the profile's social sites and emails, but that's me...for others, it's incredibly handy to those who have such an interest.

    From a business viewpoint, it's cool to be able to just click into the profile and see a listing of all that profile's social and emailing information without having to view the source itself. It gives a more global view that isn't achieved by clicking through to the individual sources (although the latter is fine with me).

    I don't want to criticize the Gist concept but it does smack of stalking or being a bit "kumbaya"-ish. A YouTube example: ("Gist: A New Way to Stalk People in Your World") quickly retracts the "stalking" comment, but goes on to show the principles of this all-encompassing data gathering tool.

    I also found this link: How To Track Your Favorite People With Gist | Black Web 2.0.

    Looking at it from the user viewpoint: it's all innocent data gathering delivered to you so that you have up-to-date information on your connections. But look at the other side of it: all that data is resident somewhere, under the control of someone, governed by policies you have no control over... And it's always those policies that cause the problems when data is cloud-stored.

    There's no question it's very clever programming, but it opens a huge concern: the central database is controlled by the infamous "who knows?", and of course promises confidentiality, but like everything, who controls the controller?

    Thinking about it, I get concerned. I'm a very private person and try not to expose personal information on the NET. But I'm also somewhat well-known in development and business circles and have been written about, and to...

    Even with the test I did yesterday where I entered one of my Twitter account login credentials, then deleted the account, I get concerned. Where were both the data and those credentials being stored? When I deleted the stuff, did it remove my login credentials from the central data server, should one exist?

    If all my social registration, email account and similar link login information is being stored on somebody's server, what's to stop them from "innocently" logging into my accounts to pull back "public" information requested by someone I don't know? Both "innocence" and what is "public" is completely under their control and definition.

    The answer, as in all databases of that ilk: there's nothing to stop it.

    Boy, I don't know about this. I'd much prefer a contact manager where the data resides on a database under my (and my company's) total control - or even resides just on my device (scary as that is), rather than have my confidential credentials in the hands of a central organization that I have to trust.

    And, as far as pulling in social site information, I'd be happy with clickable social links that deliver the latest public (or authorized friend-based) information on-the-fly and require me to log in directly with the social site, rather than have a service do it for me.

    I fully realize that there are cloud-based and SaaS enviroments where some of your credentials are stored, but nothing coming close to what could be the case here.

    I guess what I'd like to see is:

    WARNING: you are providing [RIM] with your confidential account credentials for several sources and entrusting [RIM] with storing and securing those credentials, as well as entrusting that [RIM] will not access your accounts or otherwise use any information derived through the use of your credentials for any purpose other than delivering it to you on request from you. You further enable [RIM] to periodically gather and permanently store information using your credentials and agree that [RIM] has no responsibility to delete any or all such information on demand. You further agree that [RIM], under the Patriot Act and/or any legitimate legal demands can and will deliver any and all of your credentials and related information to a designated governing body.

    Those famous words: "Trust us..." - along with the assurances: "we can't be hacked and well never use your confidential credentials for any illegitimate purpose or for any purpose not specifically authorized by you..."

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    Friend, in RIM we trust. In fact, so does the USA government. And to tell you the truth, so do a heck load of governments and agencies around the world. Even the Royal Family uses BlackBerry.

    I understand the concern, but when did you hear of RIM even messing up with security and customer's data?

    I agree direct sync would be nice, in fact I believe it will be there for BB10 devices (but only BB10 devices), but for the time being, their solution works and I don't think the concern is justified.

    PS: Wow, what a loooong read...
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    Well...that's wonderful that you trust a company just because...

    The point is: I don't want any company to have my confidential credentials. Earlier in this thread twstd.reality showed my how to use a website field, and that solves my problems.

    But what about all the people who naively go on faith ("In RIM we Trust...")?

    Trust me, the sh*t will hit the fan if reviewers decide to let loose with "RIM glosses over security issues with customers' confidential credentials.." or something similar. There are likely lots of people out there who would like to see RIM fail and die, and the forums and blogs would pick up something like that in an instant. I'm not one of them, BTW. I want RIM to succeed. We need the alternatives and the challenges RIM can bring to the competition. Makes everybody sharper.

    As long as RIM makes clear to its users via an in-your-face Warning (which they didn't do with me) about the potential consequences, then fine, it's the customer's funeral. Most software companies would offer opt-outs or alternatives (like on-the-fly data pulls where the user has to log into the service directly and the service simply passes XML formatted lists directly back to the user).

    As to trusting RIM, I did some checking and it appears that RIM the company gave carte blanche email and message access to the Government of India, so that the govt wouldn't impact the finances of RIM by blocking access. (RIM gives India access to BlackBerry data | ZDNet). IOW, they sold out the confidentiality of their customers for money.

    And the update: Canadian Privacy Law Blog: RIM reportedly gives Indian government access to full range of BlackBerry messages and the notable comment: "If this is true, the era in which Blackberry was the ultra-secure communications platform is over."

    Doesn't sound like a company I'd trust with my confidential information. Makes me go "hmmmmmm.."

    Just wondering...
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    It's not just because. You may be new to BlackBerry, but RIM is no stranger to security.

    And please, do not believe everything you read about RIM these days. Almost 90% of the sites are just unloading crap that is FAR from the truth. If that was so, don't you believe every single tech site would be over RIM and stock would be worth jack?
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    But RIM's stock is essentially worth jack. Right now, it's apparently worth break-up value. What that means is that no investor is interested in giving RIM credit for any future potential.

    What I read seems to be the truth (vis-a-vis RIM granting the Indian Govt access). Are you saying that's not true? That would be newsworthy if true.

    Of course RIM is no stranger to security, but it seems they've seriously lost their way and there are a lot of questions about their future.

    I think there's going to be some upcoming controversy, if RIM makes it through to Q1 2013. But the way they are going gives pause to credible potential allies like my company and others in the business.

    They don't seem forthcoming at all in clarifying what the backends are doing with the information, how it's being gathered and what security is involved.

    Again, I'm only interested in my own needs and I hope RIM survives. But I can assure you that, unless they are much, much more open in their plans and willing to discuss the measures they are going to take to ensure confidentiality, they are going to get gunned down.

    They can't afford negativity as they move towards their final showdown...

    My company would love to set aside some development/programming talent to port/build apps for BB, but there's no incentive and the risk is simply too great that RIM won't make it or, if they do survive, that they wont be a serious contender. At this point, we are developing for the new Windows 8 platforms, and pouring a h*elluva lot of $$ into that work.
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    There are questions about their future because they are losing market share, not because they are not taking steps towards turning the ship around. Slightly much negativity is what is pushing stocks down. Truth is, RIM is worthy much more than stock value right now.

    And yes, I'm saying that two sources doesn't make it true. There are so many people/sites waiting for a opportunity to bash RIM. Why aren't all of them reporting on this? Plenty of sites said RIM gave up info before and it turned out to be inaccurate reporting.

    Disclose your company so we can arrange to show you why you should go ahead and his how that will be good for both you and RIM. (Sith, you seeing this?)

    No incentive to develop? Be serious. They promise 10.000 in profits or they pay the difference themselves.

    So yeah, chill. And please, make shorter posts.
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    have a web page displayed as a result.
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