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    CB Forums,

    I'm hoping someone can help after my luck ran out with RIM's support line.

    2 weeks ago I installed, then subsequently traded my 16GB Playbook for a 64GB Playbook last week after doing a security wipe. I presumed that reinstalling my profile was as simple as using the BB Desktop software and restoring.

    After RIM pulled the software off the web, I was told that there is no way the BB Desktop Manager can restore a backup onto the "current" OS. When I click on Device->Restore, I get an error message saying my OS is incompatible and to upgrade. However, my Playbook is upgraded to the latest OS publicly available (again,

    40 minutes on the phone with RIM's 2nd level tech support and their advice was useless:
    Details:BlackBerry PlayBook - Customer cannot restore his back up.

    Resolution: advised customer that there is no sulution

    Anybody with better suggestions is welcome! Is there a download of the that can be sideloaded or another workaround available? Otherwise, I'm going to be pissed.

    08-13-12 12:13 PM
  2. WasntEnough's Avatar
    What version of the desktop software did you use to make the backup? 6 or 7?
    08-13-12 12:50 PM
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    same thing happened to me... went to 668 with major battery drain issue. Upgraded to 2.1 beta. Great battery life but no flash, no Youtube, hiccups with some apps. (funny enough YouTube works fine in Dolphin Browser - an Android app)

    Backed up and re-installed 358 now cant restore.

    Lessons learned: Next time let some other poor soul try the latest OS and post their experiences on CB. Do not ever download Beta...

    Me thinks there are variants of the PB hardware since users will report no problems with 668 or Beta while others are having no end of troubles...

    Re-installing 2.1 and waiting for the next decent update...

    Reinstalled 2.1 now Youtube works on the browser and app. Didnt realize the restore function doesnt take care of your email accounts. These all had to be reinstalled.

    The Keyboard lag has also disappeared. Isilo Android app is now working and zippy. Overall performance quite good.

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    08-13-12 12:54 PM
  4. Scotter75's Avatar
    You should be able to restore providing you have the same BBID for both the 16 GB and the 64 GB. If they have different Id's it will not restore.
    08-13-12 12:54 PM
  5. DOCTOREVIL8's Avatar
    I think your only chance may be to upgrade to the 2.1 beta. That may or may not allow you to restore.
    08-13-12 01:07 PM
  6. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    You cannot restore to an earlier version of the software. You need to go to 2.1 beta or check around for .668 to see if it is available online. This will be the established process going forward as the backup takes note of the software version when it is created.
    08-13-12 01:14 PM
  7. george_helgerson's Avatar
    What version of the desktop software did you use to make the backup? 6 or 7?
    I have the latest version of BB Desktop, I can't recall which version it is, but my PC updated the download in the last 2 weeks.

    As mentioned by another poster, I too had the fast battery drain after upgrading to OS -- my battery life was 50% shorter. So now I fixed that, but can't get my data.

    08-13-12 01:25 PM
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    There seems to be problems with. 668 I did a backup then wiped my playbook using the latest desktop software I then loaded. 668 since then it has been unable to load any backup file that is on my pc not matter what else they came from, so I have had to start from scratch.
    08-13-12 02:14 PM
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    1. Do a security wipe for.The PlayBook
    2. Do clearing off the device and you are nice and fully up to date on that softwar
    3. Have manager latest updates and connect in the playbook before connecting
    4. You must have PlayBook turned off before connecting to Desktop manager. Yes turned off is what I said.
    5. Allow to do and ask for whatever
    08-13-12 06:43 PM