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    I bought a LOGIK wireless keyboard and mouse thinking it had Bluetooth but soon realized that it came with a RF RECEIVER which need to be connected through 2.0 USB whole and obv Playbook doesn't have that so i was wondering what about if i buy Mini USB adapter to connect The RF RECEIVER through that then connect the mini USB into the playbook and hopefully the wireless keyboard and mouse still work.

    01-27-12 03:01 PM
  2. meske's Avatar
    Most likely no. Doubt the drivers exist for the Tablet OS. Bluetooth is a common standard so that should work no problem, but USB is completely different. Hope I'm wrong...
    01-27-12 03:02 PM
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    thank you , i wa slooking at bluetooth ones and they quite expensive but , if i dont get a reply confirming it does i just return it and save up for the bluetooth one instead
    01-27-12 03:14 PM
  4. pigdude's Avatar
    Will not work right now
    01-27-12 03:23 PM
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    what do you mean piddude ?
    01-27-12 03:25 PM
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    If it just appears as a HID Device to the USB, it can work on a future OS 2.0 with USB Host.

    You will have to wait a while though as it's not quite stable yet.

    Basically: Playbook -> USB OTG Cable -> (<appears as HID keyboard) USB RF Dongle (acts as RF connector>) -> Keyboard.

    Please note, USB OTG does not support multiple input devices / hubs. So it'll work as a keyboard or a mouse but likely not both.
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    01-27-12 04:35 PM
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    So does that mean it might work when the bp update comes out next month

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    01-27-12 04:44 PM
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    So does that mean it might work when the bp update comes out next month

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    It will probably NOT be available with the new OS next month. Folks are only speculating that it will come at some time. But you probably should not count on it.
    01-27-12 07:13 PM
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    i just went thru the same thing. i had ordered a keyboard with a trackpad that was advertised as bluetooth. well when it showed up it was wireless rf. i tried the usb adapter route and it was a no go. i returned it and ordered a different keyboard i was sure was bluetooth. doing some research after the fact showed me that if you search bluetooth keyboard some of the keyboards listed are called out as being bluetooth but in fact are rf. make sure to read the product specs.
    01-27-12 11:31 PM
  10. peter9477's Avatar
    Just return it. There's very little chance it will be supported in any timeframe that will help you, and I'd be surprised if it ever is.
    01-27-12 11:50 PM
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    Thanks everyone , can someone suggest a very good keyboard

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    01-28-12 04:14 AM