1. dragon.88's Avatar
    Hi Everybody,

    Just got the playbook a few day ago, when I download the PPTV to my playbook, when I press open the .exe file, it keeps saying can't find default app, so I can not set that up, can somebody help out for this one, thanks
    01-07-12 11:55 PM
  2. sleepngbear's Avatar
    .exe files are for Windows only. The only way to get apps installed on your PB is through AppWorld. There are ways to sideload apps if you have developer tools installed, but even then the PlayBook's OS wouldn't know what to do with an exe file.
    01-08-12 12:23 AM
  3. Alex_Hong's Avatar
    if you are talking about the chinese video streaming site, pptv.com. the browser works just fine.
    01-08-12 01:57 AM